Scouting Report: EGR Junior Demarcus Grady

GoBlueWolverine's NFL expert Allen Trieu scouted Jr. QB DeMarcus Grady, the cousin of Michigan tailback Kevin Grady. Grady's East Grand Rapids team lost in the playoffs Friday to Caledonia (14-7), perhaps because Jr. TB Kelvin Grady (Kevin's younger brotherr) went out with an ankle injury on the first play of the game.

DeMarcus Grady - Junior QB - East Grand Rapids
6'2, 195

Demarcus has started on the varsity for the Pioneers since his sophomore season. He is also a top basketball recruit who may choose to play hoops in college.

Scouting Report
DeMarcus is a good sized prospect. He has a nice build and decent height. In terms of physical attributes, he has a lot of the prerequisite tools for the quarterback position. His arm strength is excellent. His passes have high velocity and he is able to make all the throws. The way he releases the ball is very similar to Michael Vick's. Grady's throwing motion is smooth and fluid and he simply needs to flick his wrist to generate velocity on his passes. What he needs to improve is everything leading up to the release. His dropback is relaxed and a bit slow. He needs to get into his dropback and set up sooner which will allow for better timing. His release is also a little low, although he does a good job of keeping the ball high on his dropback. He is excellent when he steps up into the pocket and drives the ball downfield. He is accurate over the middle of the field and allows his receivers to catch the ball in stride. But he tends to stare his first target down for too long before checking down which allows the rush to get to him and forces him out of the pocket. He throws a nice ball on the run and has the athleticism to make plays outside of the pocket. He shows good speed and can turn the corner and outrun defenders. As a decision maker, he hasn't thrown a high volume of balls, but he does a good job of protecting the football. He doesn't take too many chances, but will occasionally force a pass when flushed outside of the pocket. One last thing he needs to do is throw every ball the same way. He has a tendency to baby some easier passes which leads to some inaccuracies.

DeMarcus is a player with high potential for the next level. He is a physically complete prospect and has been improving steadily. He is also a tough competitor and a calm, mature presence in the huddle. He has to continue to improve on the finer points of the position, (ie: reads, checks and minor mechanical details) but those areas for improvement are typical for high school quarterbacks. He isn't featured enough in East's offense to project as a top 100 type recruit for next season, but he's an under the radar type who is definitely worth the time it will take to develop him.

Note: RB Kelvin Grady is 5-10, 180. Both Grady's are definitely top 20 instate juniors who could make it into the top ten.

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