Turel's Indiana Scouting Report, Game Score

NFL draft analyst Josh Turel breaks down Indiana and says, "The Wolverines roll easily and start tuning up for Michigan/Ohio State week."

Depth Chart

14 Blake Powers 6-4, 235, So.
12 Graeme McFarland 6-1, 210, Jr.
15 Kellen Lewis 6-1, 175, Fr.
8 Dustin Haas 6-1, 198, Fr.

Running Back
30 Chris Taylor 5-11, 220, Sr.
33 Yamar Washington 5-9, 205, Sr.
23 Kenni Burns 5-11, 205, So.
22 Demetrius McCray 5-11, 185, Fr.

X Receiver
1 Jahkeen Gilmore 6-0, 215, Sr.
29 Ryan Skelton 6-2, 210, Jr.
81 Rhett Kleinschmidt 6-2, 200, Sr.

Z Receiver
82 James Hardy | 6-7, 215, Fr.
13 Andrew Means | 6-0, 200, Fr.

F Receiver
2 Marcus Thigpen 5-9, 180, Fr.
84 Nick Polk 6-0, 185, Fr.
80 Chris Banks 6-2, 164, Fr.
19 Brandon Walker-Roby 5-11, 160, Fr.
3 Lance Bennett 5-6, 165, Jr.

Left Tackle
76 Isaac Sowells 6-3, 330, Sr.
68 Brandon Joyce 6-4, 305, So.

Right Tackle
79 Scott Anderson 6-6, 308, Jr.
67 Kyle Thomas 6-4, 260, So.

Right Guard
60 Justin Frye 6-5, 310, Jr.
73 Brandon Hatcher 6-2, 305, Sr.

Left Guard
75 Adam Hines 6-2, 315, Sr.
50 John Sandberg 6-2, 295, So.

74 Chris Mangiero 6-1, 310, Jr.
61 Ben Wyss 6-1, 285, So.

Defensive End
94 Victor Adeyanju 6-4, 275, Sr.
52 Tyler Altman 6-0, 255, So.
57 Jammie Kirlew 6-4, 234, Fr.

Defensive End
99 Ben Ishola 6-3, 255, Sr.
92 Kenny Kendal 6-3, 255, Jr.
97 Neal Jones 6-4, 240, Fr.

Defensive Tackle
93 Charles Emerson 6-5, 270, So.
62 Greg Brown 6-2, 300, Fr.

Defensive Tackle
95 Joe Kremer 6-2, 295, So.
93 Charles Emerson 6-5, 270, So.

Strongside Linebacker
13 Josh Moore 5-11, 240, Sr.
56 Geno Johnson 6-2, 200, Fr.

Weakside Linebacker
46 Jake Powers 6-1, 230, Jr.
56 Geno Johnson 6-2, 200, Fr.
13 Josh Moore 5-11, 240, Sr.

Middle Linebacker
43 Kyle Killion 6-0, 225, Sr.
51 Adam McClurg 6-0, 230, So.
v Cornerback
28 Leslie Majors 5-9, 170, So.
16 Chris Phillips 5-11, 175, Fr.

9 Tracy Porter 5-10, 185, So.
6 Damien Jones 5-10, 191, Sr.

Strong Safety
39 Will Meyers 5-11, 205, Jr.
24 Aaron Mitchell 5-11, 205, So.
25 Eric McClurg 5-11, 210, Jr.
6 Damien Jones 5-10, 191, Sr.

Free Safety
5 Troy Grosfield 5-11, 195, Jr.
4 Will Lumpkin 5-10, 205, Sr.
26 Brandon Mosley 5-8, 190, Fr.

7 Joe Kleinsmith 5-11, 167, Fr.

44 Tyson Beattie 6-1, 200, Jr.

Punt Returner
5 Troy Grosfield 5-11, 195, Jr.
3 Lance Bennett 5-6, 165, Jr.

Kick Returner
3 Lance Bennett 5-6, 165, Jr.
2 Marcus Thigpen 5-9, 180, Fr.


Quarterback Blake Powers is much like poor man's version of Ben Roethlisberger. He's got excellent size and a strong arm, and he can be a little mobile when needed. He's been a victim of dropped passes by his receivers but overall he's done a decent job. Blake has thrown for over 2,000 yards along with 21 touchdowns to 12 interceptions. The main thing Blake needs to improve on is sustaining drives and keeping up offensive rhythm and momentum. Indiana's has been inconsistent throughout the Big Ten year.

The running game is ranked dead last in the Big Ten, only averaging 137 yards a game and 3.4 yards a carry. Running back Chris Taylor isn't flashy and doesn't have great speed but hasn't had much room to work with, and the ground game has been dead lately despite him averaging 4.6 yards a carry on the year. Yamar Washington hasn't played up to expectations, plus he hasn't had the room to really make things happen with his athletic ability. Look for Indiana to throw to their backs early and often.

The wide receivers are a shaken up unit. The team's second leader in receiving James Bailey has been suspended and big playmaker James Bailey is questionable with an injury. Coach Hoeppner is still optimistic about Bailey playing. "I am not ever going to rule out James Hardy. He has not been a 100-percent healthy all year. He is a pretty resilient guy. He tries to find a way to play the game." Hardy is the team's leading receiver and one of the best young players in the conference. The 6-7 Hardy plays on the basketball team but has shown some surprising polish in the college football game. He's caught 57 passes for 855 yards and 10 touchdowns thus far. Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr is one of the many impressed with Hardy. "First of all, physically he is a great talent from the standpoint of his size, 6'7. The fact that he plays basketball I think is an indicator of the kind of athlete he is. And when you look at 15 yards a catch, that's excellent, because I think he probably goes into most games as a marked man. I think he has had a great year." The absence of Bailey has also given more players the opportunity to contribute. "It is an opportunity for someone else to step up and play" said Coach Hoeppner Tuesday. "We have other guys. At this point, I am not going to take anybody's redshirt off. That is another issue. For example, Nick Polk. He is with us and not on the scout team. He knows the offense and could go in and play. He could go in and play very well at every position, but I can't play him in games. At this point, I am not going to sacrifice an entire year of eligibility for him. We have other options and personnel groups. Matt O'Neal played a lot last week.

Others receivers looking to step up will be Jakeen Gilmore and Marcus Thigpen. Gilmore needs to develop more consistency but he has respectable speed and playmaking ability which can be showcased in the spread offense. I really think Indiana will look to Thigpen quite a bit in this game. He can run it from the F receiver spot, and he can be used as a mismatch in this offense. He has been getting more balls thrown his way lately as well. Tight end Matt O'Neal hasn't seen much action in the passing game and I don't expect that to change much this game either.

The offensive line hasn't done much to help the disappointing running attack. Left tackle Isaac Sowells and center Chris Mangiero are the best of the players up front. The line has allowed 19 sacks as well.


The defense is really in a slump, having given up 38 or more points in four straight games. The defensive line is without Russ Richardson at tackle due to injury. The defensive interior is weak, but the Hoosiers have some decent talent and depth at defensive end. Victor Adeyanju is having a solid senior season with 5.5 sacks, 10 tackles for loss and 28 tackles overall. He doesn't get his due spotlight in the press but he can rush the quarterback well. Ben Ishola and Kenny Kendal will rotate at the other position. Kendal is a better pass rusher but Ishola seems to be more consistent. Charlie Emerson will tag team with Joe Kremer inside, and I think these two are the guys who need to step up the most.

The linebackers are led by standout Kyle Killion. Killion moved to the inside and is tied for the team lead in tackles there with 66. Killion is a pursuit type linebacker who is probably the best in pass coverage of the linebackers. Expect him to be all over the field. The Hoosiers will also be without linebacker John Pannozzo who is out with an injury. Pannozzo was having a great year up to this point and he is sorely missed. Josh Moore and Jake Powers will man the outsides. Powers' strength in his range which makes him well suited for weakside backer. Moore sometimes struggles to match up physically with tight ends and shows some rawness at the position.

Going into Saturday's game, four of the five leading tacklers on the team are defensive backs. Not good. That means running backs are getting to the second level too often, and that is why Indiana is 10th in defending the run. The corners Tracy Porter and Leslie Majors are very fast and exciting young players but they still have a lot to learn. They can struggle at times to break on the ball or read routes quickly. Porter has been the better of the two, however, and has three interceptions on the year. I think once these two get the hang of the position, they could be stars. Strong safety Will Meyers is one of those players who can really contribute in the box. He is tied for the team lead with 66 tackles. Free safety Troy Grosfield has done a decent job in this his first year starting. He's a better athlete than most give him credit for and he's held his own up to this point.

Special Teams:

I got to see Joe Kleinsmith kick last year when he played at St. Ed's in Ohio. He's going to be a fine kicker one day but he's taken his rookie lumps this year. He's 2 of 5 from 30-39 and 3 of 6 on the year. Expect the Hoosiers to go for it most of the time on reasonable 4th downs. Tyson Beattie is a solid punter, averaging 41 yards a punt, but he needs to put more inside the 20. Lance Bennett and Troy Grosfield will rotate returning punts; watch for Bennett who hasn't had a great year so far but he's very explosive.


I will keep this one short and sweet. Indiana hasn't shown the ability to stop the run or maintain a consistent offense the past few weeks. This team is really struggling folks. The Hoosiers haven't been able to run the ball much since getting into ‘real' Big Ten play (I won't count Illinois). The passing game loses a productive guy in James Bailey, and hobbled James Hardy will likely garner the defensive focus if he plays. Really no reason here to get worried, the Wolverines roll easily and start tuning up for Michigan/Ohio State week!

Michigan 41
Indiana 10

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