Okay MT, how do you REALLY feel about OSU?

Former Michigan quarterback Michael Taylor came to Ann Arbor from Cincinnati, and was 4-1 vs. OSU during his five years at U-M. MT makes it clear how he feels about OSU and why he didn't go there. "This is not a good rivalry. In fact it's not a rivalry, its something different ... I'm from Ohio and I don't have any respect for Ohio State." MT talks about the effect last year's Police Dog Incident has on the team.


"Just picture it. The Michigan team is standing just outside Ohio State stadium, for over an hour, the police with police dogs checking their bags, the fans cursing and spitting at them. Checking their bags with police dogs ... there's going to be a bomb in something? There's going to be drugs? It's ridiculous! It's a win at all cost attitude.

"And there was no apology from the Ohio State Athletic Department, nothing. So they knew what they were doing; it was deliberate. They didn't want Michigan to win back to back Big Ten championships. They didn't want OSU to lose then have to come back here this year and lose again. So that University, and their State Police, said, how can we help them out -- let's put the Michigan team over here and have the fans spit on and curse at them while we get our police dogs on them.

"And let's get this straight -- Michigan asked all the other Big Ten teams, and no other team went through that kind of search last year at OSU, either at the stadium or at their hotels.

"Ohio State is the one classless place I've been to. Every team says the same thing, that Ohio State is the worst place to go into. Texas said it this year, that they'll never go back there. And every Big Ten teams says it. It's the one place in the country where there are are drunken fans everywhere spitting on you, knocking into you to try to hurt you -- whether you're a man, woman or child.

"So, if you're a Michigan player you are TICKED (note: he had a stronger word) off -- as Lloyd Carr says, there's gamesmanship, and then there's flat out disrespect. That was flat-out disrespect, on a human to human level. You can bet that's being driven home in Schembechler Hall this week ... and you can bet that the seniors are driving it home to the freshman ... we owe them a butt-whipping. And not just this year, but next, and the one after that ... if Michigan needed a fire lit back into this game after beating Cooper so many times that they got a little blasé, then this was just the thing to light it!

"The one thing is -- that's not the excuse for them losing last year ... but it did take away focus. Did it cost them the game -- no ... giving up too many big plays after being ahead 14-7 is what cost them the game.

"But let's be clear -- I'm from Ohio and I don't have any respect for Ohio State. They have always done shady things, which is why I didn't even consider going there. They have lost all aspects of sportsmanship to win at all costs ... that's why their boosters give their players money."

So MT, how do you really feel? Well he couldn't make it much plainer, could he ...

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