20 Questions With Matt Hunwick

After practice on Tuesday, GoBlueWolverine Magazine caught up with Matt Hunwick, an alternate captain on the Wolverines hockey team. Hunwick took his turn participating in GBW's version of 20 questions.

Now in his junior year, defenseman Matt Hunwick is facing heightened expectations as the Wolverines take aim for their 10th national title. With goalie Al Montoya making the decision to forgo his senior year this past summer, it became Hunwick expected to lead the defense by example on a team littered by Freshman. And, so far this season, he has done an excellent job. GoBlueWolverine Magazine pulled Matt aside for a quick game of 20 questions after practice on Tuesday.

GBW: What is your full name?
Matt: Matthew John Hunwick

GBW: Do you have any siblings?
Matt: I have 1 brother named Shawn. He's 18.

GBW: What is your major?
Matt: Economics

GBW: What has been your favorite class at Michigan?
Matt: Human nutrition

GBW: Do you have any roommates?
Matt: I live with T.J. Hensick and a guy on the diving team.

GBW: Who is your favorite professional player?
Matt: Steve Yzerman(Detroit)

GBW: What is your favorite NHL team?
Matt: Detroit Red Wings.

GBW: What is your first Michigan memory?
Matt: I used to watch the football games every Saturday. I grew up a big Michigan guy.

GBW: What is your favorite Michigan memory as a player?
Matt: I would have to say it was winning the CCHA tournament last year.

GBW: Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
Matt: I don't really have any superstitions. I have routines and habits that I go through, but I'm not really superstitious.

GBW: What is your favorite arena to play in other Than Yost?
Matt: Lawson Ice Arena (Western Michigan University).

GBW: What is your favorite food?
Matt: Steak

GBW: What is your favorite movie?
Matt: Good Will Hunting

GBW: What is your favorite band?
Matt: George Strait

GBW: What is your favorite holiday?
Matt: Christmas

GBW: What is your most embarrassing moment on and off the ice?
Matt: I think I've scored into our own net two or three times already since I've been here. I don't really get too embarassed off the ice. I can't really think of anything bad.

GBW: What is your favorite video game?
Matt: I'm not much of a video game player. Maybe Madden football?

GBW: What is your biggest fear?
Matt: I'm claustrophobic. I need to be able to move around.

GBW: What kind of car do you drive?
Matt: An '02 Ford Ranger

GBW: Maize or Blue?
Matt: Maize

GoBlueWolverine would like to thank Matt Hunwick for taking the time to answer a few questions on his way back to the locker room following practice. Up next...Brandon Naurato.

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