Turel's Film Evaluation: OSU Defense/STeams

Lots of Josh Turel's Film Evaluation detail here: all you want to know about the OSU Defense and SPecial Teams

Defensive Line:

Defensive End
97 David Patterson 6-3, 285, Jr.
99 Jay Richardson 6-6, 276, Jr.
87 Lawrence Wilson 6-6, 225, Fr.

57 Mike Kudla 6-3, 265, Sr.
50 Vernon Gholston 6-4, 260, So.
78 Alex Barrow 6-4, 255, Fr.

Defensive Tackle
94 Marcus Green 6-3, 305, Sr.
97 David Patterson 6-3, 285, Jr.

90 Quinn Pitcock 6-3, 295, Jr.
98 Joel Penton 6-5, 290, Jr.

Mike Kudla is a very good pass rusher off the edge because he can come at you in a variety of ways. He has really good acceleration and he comes hard every down. He has a great athletic rush but he can also use his hands and bulrush too. He can rip and swim move well but he can tend to go to far up field on occasion. He does a lot of things well in terms of influencing a run one way or another or knocking down passes. I really like his attitude and ability. David Patterson is a versatile guy who can play tackle and end depending on if Bobby Carpenter is rushing. Patterson has a keen ability to get up field either with sheer power or athleticism inside. He's been more of a playmaker than the stats show. Freshman Lawrence Wilson is a kid I've seen play before he got to Ohio State and I think he's going to be a star one day. Marcus Green and Quinn Pitcock have played well despite what you may see on a stat sheet. These two are a big reason the linebackers are able to make so many plays as they occupy their gaps well and slow down interior lineman from getting to the second level. Reserve man Joel Penton does a good job of working down the line in pursuit of the play but he needs to get more inside penetration in my opinion.


Strong side Linebacker
42 Bobby Carpenter 6-3, 255, Sr.
33 James Laurinaitis 6-3, 231, Fr.
44 Curtis Terry 6-2, 220, So.

Weakside Linebacker
47 A.J. Hawk 6-1, 240, Sr.
52 John Kerr 6-1, 246, Jr.

Middle Linebacker
51 Anthony Schlegel 6-1, 251, Sr.
5 Mike D'Andrea 6-3, 248, Sr.

Well there's not to many negative things you can say about this group. Bobby Carpenter has great instincts and a knack for making plays. He's gone through some small streaks in games of struggling to make a tackle in the open field but in general he's a solid tackler. He has the ability to cover tight ends in man coverage. Doesn't have near the explosion of AJ Hawk but he's been a playmaker all year long. He will also see time as a rush man at defensive end. I think he gets a bit reckless when he's at defensive end but he gets pressure. AJ Hawk is having a very special season. He's been all over the field as usual and is one of the most-sure tacklers in the college game. I love his range and playmaking ability, though I think he can be negated somewhat if you get a blocker on him but that's a lot easier said than done. Middle linebacker Anthony Schlegel does a good job of patrolling the middle and blitzing in pass situations. He can be influenced by fakes and misdirection and his range isn't great but he's a tough football player who stops the run well. He struggled somewhat making tackles in the first half against Minnesota but has recovered well since then.


26 Ashton Youboty 6-1, 188, Jr.
2 Malcolm Jenkins 6-1, 180, Fr.

2 Malcolm Jenkins 6-1, 180, Fr.
6 Tyler Everett 5-11, 202, Sr.

Strong Safety
9 Donte Whitner 5-11, 205, Jr.
3 Jamario O'Neal 6-1, 180, Fr.
35 Nick Patterson 6-2, 210, Fr.

Free Safety
21 Nate Salley 6-3, 220, Sr.
32 Brandon Mitchell 6-3, 205, Jr.

I think Ashton Youboty is having a pretty good year so far. Despite giving up a big play here and there he's played pretty technique sound football. Youboty is fast kid with great size who is pretty reliable out on an island with a receiver. Malcolm Jenkins is a freshman who's stepped in and filled the void at the other corner role. Tyler Everett returned from injury and will fill in again as the nickel back. Donte Whitner is a smart defensive back who diagnoses plays well. He has done a great job breaking up screen plays all year and he has worked very hard in the film room to improve his game. Look for Whitner to blitz quite often as well. Nate Salley is an aggressive yet smart football player. He has pretty good range for a free safety and he is a very hard hitter when he arrives on the scene.

Special Teams

23 Josh Huston 6-1, 195, Sr.

15 A.J. Trapasso |6-1, 220, Fr.

Kickoff Returner
4 Santonio Holmes 5-11, 190, Jr.
7 Ted Ginn Jr. 6-0, 175, So.
Punt Returner
7 Ted Ginn Jr. 6-0, 175, So.
4 Santonio Holmes 5-11, 190, Jr.

This may be the best special teams unit in the country. Kicker Josh Huston is a perfect 15 of 15 inside of 40 and three of four between 40-49 yards. His only misses are a 49 yarder and two 50 yarders. Also Steve Breaston can forget about getting many opportunities to return kickoffs, Huston has been outstanding all year at blasting them into the end zone and he has 45 touchbacks on the year. Punter AJ Trapasso has been solid, averaging 40.9 yards a punt and putting 17 of them inside the 20. Ted Ginn is averaging 29.6 yards a return on kickoffs and already has a 100 yard touchdown return. He also has had a punt returned for a touchdown and is averaging 12.2 yards an attempt. Santonio Holmes is also averaging 14.7 yards a return off his 10 attempts. The Buckeyes also rank 2nd in the conference in kickoff coverage.

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