Turel and Taylor: Game Predictions

Josh "The Pessimist" Turel and former Wolverine Quarterback Michael "The Optimist" Taylor give their game predictions, with reasons.

Josh "The Pessimist" Turel:
"Well, I don't think anyone can really predict this game because there are a lot of questions. Will OSU turn the ball over like they have all year? Will Mike Hart be healthy enough (and Jake Long) for U-M to be able to run the ball effectively? Is Ohio State's offense as good as we think or not? So, honestly it could go either way. This isn't a game that's really ever decided on paper, but I like to look at things on paper because, as inaccurate as that may sometimes be, it's the safe bet. Honestly, the home field hasn't been much of an ‘advantage' to the Wolverines this year, dropping two games at home and almost a third against Penn State. Also, Ohio State has the better defense, better special teams and the more explosive offense. I've been wrong on just about every game this year so let's hope it continues. But make no mistake this game is off-the-charts huge for Michigan. Can we really stand losing four of the last five to the Nuts? We may have to. Ohio State 20, Michigan 13."

Former U-M Quarterback Michael "The Optimist" Taylor:
"Michigan has to win the 20-17 type game, that's the type of game I see this being. I'm going with 20-10 Michigan. I don't see Ohio State getting more than that -- I don't see them running the football on Michigan."

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