Ohio State 26, Michigan 21

Ohio State committed two fumbles, both of which U-M turned into points. And OSU fumbled but recovered two punt returns, one of which U-M also turned into a score. But OSU's mistakes were not enough for the Wolverines to win the game. The Buckeyes drove 88 yards in the last 3:51 to win the game. Here are the drives, and stats.

Ohio State took the opening kickoff at their 20 and marched 20 yards in 13 plays (no big plays, they averaged 6.2 yards per play) for a TD at the 8:44 mark. PAT no good.

OSU 6, Michigan 0

Michigan took the ensuing kickoff at their 20 and made 3 first downs, but turned it over on downs at the Ohio State 28 at the 3:01 mark.

OSU took the ball over on downs at the U-M 28 at the 3:01 mark of the first quarter. They made 3 first downs, then stalled at the Michigan 30 and kicked a 47 yard field goal at the 12:49 mark of the second quarter.

Ohio State 9, Michigan 0

Some First Quarter Stats:
1st Downs OSU 7, U-M 3
Total yds OSU 122, U-M 57
Passing: OSU 87, U-M 56
Rushing: OSU 35, U-M 1
Time of possession: OSU 8:56, U-M 5:43
Passing: Henne 6-7, 56 yards; Smith 8-10, 87 yds.
Rushing: Antonio Pittman 7-30 yds.


Michigan took the ensuing kickoff at their own 20, got 1 first down and punted. Santonio Holmes fielded the punt for negative yardage to the OSU 38.

On the first play from scrimmage, OSU fumbled and Gabe Watson recovered at the OSU 37 yards line at the 8:43 mark.

Michigan took the ball at the OSU 37 at the 8:43 mark, got 3 first downs, and then scored a TD on first down from the 2 yard line on a pass from Chad Henne to Jason Avant at the 5:18 mark. Michigan went 37 yards on 9 plays.

Ohio State 9, Michigan 7

OSU took the ensuing kickoff at their own 20 yard line at the 5:18 mark, and promptly marched to the U-M 12 on 4 first downs. But there they stalled and kicked a 25 yard field goal at the :23 mark to end the half. The OSU drive: 68 yards on 12 plays.

Ohio State 12, Michigan 7

Some Halftime Stats
1st Downs OSU 12, U-M 7
Total yds OSU 198, U-M 102
Passing: OSU 128, U-M 91
Rushing: OSU 72, U-M 11
Time of possession: OSU 16:27, U-M 13:20

Passing: Henne 14-16, 91 yards, 1 TD; Smith 12-16, 87 yards.
Rushing: Antonio Pittman 12-53 yards; Troy Smith 6-23 yards; Hart 8-14 yards.


Michigan took the kickoff to their 16, and went 3 and out.

Ohio State (Ginn) fumbled the punt but OSU recovered the punt, took the ball at their own 25, and on third down Woodley hit Smith and made him fumble, Branch recovered OSU 20 at the 12:20 mark.

Michigan got one first down, but stalled at the OSU 10. Garrett Rivas kicked a 27 yard field goal at the 10:06 mark.

Ohio State 12, Michigan 10

OSU got one first down, then punted.

Michigan took the ball at their own 19 at the 7:19 mark., got 1 first down, then punted.

OSU's Ginn fumbled his second consecutive punt, OSU recovered at the OSU 13, at the 4:50 mark. OSU went 3 and out, kicks a 17 yard punt to the OSU 37 at the 3:06 mark.

Michigan got two first downs, on a pass to Breaston and a pass interference call, then Grady scored from the 2 yard line at the 1:20 mark. The drive: 37 yards in 4 plays. Michigan went for two, and Henne scrambled it in.

Michigan 18, Ohio State 12

Key third quarter stat: the OSU fumbles: one recovered by U-M; 2 fumbled punts recovered for losses by OSU. U-M had also scored a TD in the 3rd quarter following an OSU fumble at the OSU 37.


OSU took the ensuing kickoff at their own 26, got 2 first downs, and drove to the Michigan 29. But OSU missed a 46 yard field goal at the 12:02 mark.

Michigan got two first downs to the OSU 9, with a big 38 yard pass to Manningham, then stalled and Rivas kicked a 20 yard field goal at the 7:49 mark. The drive: 69 yards in 11 plays.

Michigan 21, Ohio State 12

Ohio State took the ensuing drive at their own 32 yard line at the 7:04 mark, and quickly drove 67 yards in 5 plays for a touchdown at the 6:40 mark.

Michigan 21, Ohio State 19

After a celebration penalty, OSU kicked off from their 20. Will Paul fielded it 20 yards, fumbled it, and U-M recovered it at the U-M 48 at the 6:30 mark. Michigan got 1 first down, then stalled at the Ohio State 35. Rivas pooched it to the Ohio State 12 yard line at the 4:18 mark.

Ohio State took the ball at their own 12 at the 3:51 mark.They marched down the field, getting 7 first downs. And with 24 seconds left they scored the TD from the 2. The PAT was no good.

Ohio State 26, Michigan 21

Some Final Stats:
Total Yards: U-M 255, OSU 418
Passing Yards: U-M 223, OSU 300
Rushing Yards: U-M 32, OSU 118
Time of Possession: U-M 28:21 OSU: 31:21

Passing: Smith 27-37, 300 yds, 1 TD; Henne 25-36, 223 yds, 1 TD.
Rushing: Pittman: 23-87; Hart 9-15.
Receptions: Ginn 9-89 yds; Breaston 7-53 yds.

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