Is There a New Leader for Dionte Allen?

Orchard Lake (Mich.) St. Mary's star Dionte Allen was in Ann Arbor this weekend to take in the Michigan - Ohio State game, and GoBlueWolverine caught up with him to find out how things went. He discussed his feelings about the Maize and Blue, the most significant factors in his choice, his decision timetable, and more. Is Florida State a serious threat to Michigan, or have recent events increased the home team's advantage?

Orchard Lake St. Mary's star Dionte Allen had been unable to attend any Michigan games this fall because his high school team, Orchard Lake St. Mary's, plays its games on Saturdays. He had hoped he would miss the opportunity to attend any of the Big House contests since that would mean his Eaglets had made it back to the state title game. Unfortunately it was not to be. When Orchard Lake lost their starting quarterback Justin Siller to injury, as well as their subsequent playoff game last week, an opening suddenly appeared on Allen's calendar for the Michigan - Ohio State game. That being the case, there wasn't any question that Ann Arbor would be his destination Saturday.

Allen enjoyed the atmosphere at his first game of the season, but he didn't like the outcome. In his opinion, there was a very clear reason why Michigan came out on the short end of the stick. "I think they did real good," Allen said of the Wolverines. "It's just that the Ohio State quarterback had too much time back there. Your corner can only cover for so long. They've got four seconds to get the ball off. He had about 30 seconds to get the ball off! You can't give him that much time."

Despite obvious disappointment of the Michigan players and coaches after the game, they all found time to make their way over to talk to Allen. "I talked to Grant Mason and Morgan Trent," he said. "I'm cool with Mike Hart too, so I talked to him for a minute. When I came up with Morgan (in the spring and summer) I started getting cool with Mike. He came to my game when we played Walled Lake Central. I talked to Coach English prior to the game during the week. He was just showing love. All of the coaches came down after the game, and the only one I didn't get to talk to was Coach Carr. That's about it."

Allen has made no secret of his affection for Michigan in the past, and feelings toward the Maize and Blue seem to be getting stronger all of the time. However, he has also made it pretty clear that Florida State is a school he grew up liking as well. In an interview that appeared in GoBlueWolverine the Magazine last year, he described Bobby Bowden's stomping ground as his "dream school." Does that mean the Seminoles are the frontrunners?

Allen said, "This is what I tell everybody: the only people I really know and talk to are Michigan and Michigan State. Now with Michigan … I fell in love up there. With Morgan and all of them up there, it just feels like home. I'm going to go check stuff out at a few other schools because you only get one time in high school. If Florida State is a school I grew up dreaming about, why not take a visit there? I'm also looking at Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. Lets just say I'm going to explore the options. God will let me know where to go, but right now I'm feeling a lot of love up there at Michigan."

When decision time comes academics will play a major role in his choice, but so to will comfort. "I going to go to a place where I can go in and feel comfortable," he said. "I want to go where I can go in and be Dionte Allen…where I don't have to change myself or anything like that."

Exactly when Allen will make his decision is still up in the air. That said, Michigan recently added to its advantage in the comfort department when they secured a commitment from his good friend Alex Legion. The elite basketball recruit has already put in his two cents regarding when he thinks Allen should decide. "I've talked to Al since his commitment," Allen said. "As a matter fact he just called me and I'm about to call him back. He told me that I should go on and commit. I'm not for sure when I'll decide. I'm debating what to do. I might just go ahead and do it before my senior season so I don't have to worry about it."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Allen in the coming months

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