Tim Tebow: North Different, But He Likes It

Jacksonville Nease quarterback Tim Tebow was in Ann Arbor with his parents as part of the big official visit weekend for the OSU game. It was his second trip -- he was up for the Northwestern game in November, 2004. How does he like the North?

Jacksonville Nease quarterback Tim Tebow is Scout.com's #35 prospect talked to GoBlueWolverine Monday about his visit:

"It was a good visit. I enjoyed it -- I had a good time."

Who did you spend time with?

"I got to talk more to all of the Michigan coaches on this visit -- I talked with Coach Loeffler and Coach Carr the most, but all of the coaches made it a point to talk to me."

"My host for the weekend was all the guys really: Moose, (David Moosman), Mark (Mark Ortmann), Tim (Tim McAvoy), Mike Hart. Mark is from Texas, so we talked about what it was like for a Southern guy to be at Michigan."

So, what was it like for you, a Southern boy, to be up in Ann Arbor?

"Well, the weather wasn't too cold (it was sunny and got to over 50 degrees). There is a difference in the way the fans act in the South. The fans were real good at the game, real loud, but there is a difference. I'm just more used to the Southern atmosphere."

(Ed. note: football is just an ingrained part of the social culture in the South and so the atmosphere around the game, and about the game, is different than in the North ... it's more than just a game ...)

Mrs. Tebow told us, "Tim has an ankle injury and he keeps it in a boot during the week (he had the boot on in Ann Arbor). He will probably wear the boot around all through the during playoffs. The doctors tell him he is not supposed to run on it. But this past Friday he had to run in order for his team to win, and so did -- and we won."

Tim, you've been to Alabama and LSU for official visits now. How would you compare the visits?

"Like I said, Alabama was the most familiar to me. But I don't want to put any ahead of the others. I still have Florida and Southern Cal to go.

"All five schools are still in it."

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