UPDATE: Where Will U-M Go Bowling, Mate?

The key to the U-M bowl puzzle is Ohio State -- will the Buckeyes get a BCS Bowl bid or not? Here is the bowl scenario for the Wolverines depending on what happens to OSU.

There are eight BCS Bowl spots:
-- for the champions of the Big Ten, Pac Ten, SEC, Big 12, ACC and Big East.
-- for 7th ranked Notre Dame.
-- one at-large team.

Looking at the rankings (CLICK HERE for rankings on ESPN.com), Ohio State looks like the BCS at-large pick. However, there are still regular season games to be played, and if there is an unlikely upset of either USC (they play UCLA this coming weekend) or Texas (Big 12 Championship game versus Iowa State next weekend ... ed note: OOPS! Iowas State somehow lost to Kansas; it'll be Colorado serving as Texas cannon-fodder), OSU could possible get pushed out of an at-large BCS bid by a one-loss Trojans or Longhorns team. Otherwise, here is the Big Ten Bowl picture.

-- Big Ten BCS bid: Penn State

-- Big Ten at-large BCS bid: OSU

-- Big Ten #2: Wisconsin, to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, on Jan. 2 (caveat for this and the bowls below: picks are not automatic; the bowls themselves get to pick the team from each contracted conference)

-- Big Ten #3: Michigan, to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Jan 2 at 11 AM. Ths is the most likely destination for the Wolverines, versus 'SEC #3' ... depending on the outcome of the Georgia-LSU SEC Championship Game next weekend, the SEC opponent could be LSU (if they lose to Georgia), Auburn or Alabama.

--- Big Ten #4 plays Big 12 #4 in the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 28. If somehow OSU gets pushed out of a BCS bowl bid, then the Buckeyes slide into the Capital One Bowl, and Michigan slides here. Possible opponent: Oklahoma or Texas Tech.

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