REWORKED: Where Are U-M Recruits Visiting?

REWORKED with some last second changes! Where are the Wolverines' football recruits visiting this weekend? Some (more) are in Ann Arbor, some are in LA and Columbus, others are finished visiting altogether ... here's where ALL are visiting this weekend (and all past and future weekends as well)

Visiting Michigan This Weekend:

Steve Schilling:
-- Future Visits: USC (Dec. 16), Cal (Dec. 9), and Washington in Jan.
-- Past Visits: none
-- Decision: Jan./Feb.

Greg Banks:
-- Future Visits: possible: UCLA, Notre Dame
-- Past Visits: Colorado (Nov. 25)
-- Decision: December graduation, so soon

Perry Dorrestein:
-- Future Visits: Northwestern (Dec. 9), possibly Duke
-- Past Visits: Nebraska (Oct. 28)
-- Decision: by Christmas

Daron Rose:
-- Past Visits: none
-- Future Visits: Tennessee (Jan. 14), FSU (Jan. 17?), Florida, possibly LSU.
-- Decision: Jan./Feb.

The Dec. 9 Michigan Official Visitors:

Brandon Minor:
-- This weekend: none
-- Future Visits: U-M (Dec. 9), Miami (Dec. 16), Virginia Tech (Jan. 6), possible Florida
-- Past Visits: Tennessee (Oct. 7)
-- Decision: Jan./Feb.

Obi Ezeh:
-- This weekend: WMU?
-- Future Visits: U-M (Dec. 9) -- Past Visits: none
-- Decision: soon?

The Nov. 18 Michigan visitors:

Toryan Smith
-- This weekend: none
-- Future Visits: none
-- Past Visits: Oklahoma (Sept. 3), Notre Dame (Oct. 15), Florida (Nov. 26)
-- Decision: Monday, Dec. 5

Tim Tebow:
-- This weekend: USC
-- past visits: U-M, Alabama, LSU, Florida
-- Future Visits: none
-- Decision: Dec. 14

Carlos Brown:
-- This weekend: South Carolina
-- Future Visits: Georgia (Dec. 9)
-- Past Visits: FSU (Nov. 4)
-- Decision: December, enrolling in college in Jan.

Jim Barrie:
-- This weekend: Florida
-- Future Visits: FSU (Dec. 9)
-- Past Visits: Tennessee (Oct. 27), Notre Dame (Nov.5)
-- Decision: by Christmas

Thaddeus Gibson:
-- This weekend: Tennessee
-- Future Visits: OSU, PSU
-- Past Visits: none
-- Decision: ??

Jai Eugene:
-- This weekend: none
-- Future Visits: USC (Dec. 16, with his 18 month old son), Florida (Jan. 20), Miami (Jan. 27), LSU
-- Past Visits: none
-- Decision: Jan./Feb.

Other Previous Michigan Official Visitors:

Dexter Larimore
-- This weekend: OSU
-- Future Visits: none
-- Past Visits: U-M Nov. 11
-- Decision: soon

Jason Adjepong
-- This Weekend: ??
-- Future Visits: possible: Virginia Tech, Miami, Georgia, Boston College, Rutgers, Iowa, Ohio State
-- Past Visits: U-M (Oct. 8)
-- Decision: ??

Jonas Mouton
-- This weekend: USC
-- Future Visits: Cal (Dec. 9)
-- Past Visits: Nebraska (Sept. 2), U-M (Sept. 10), LSU (Oct. 14)
-- Decision: maybe by Christmas, maybe at US Army Game Jan. 6

Future Michigan Official Visitors:

(Possible U-M visitor) McKenzie Mathews:
-- This weekend: Pitt
-- Future Visits: possible U-M
-- Past Visits: OSU (Oct. 14)
-- Decision: ??

(Possible U-M visitor) Mike Morgan:
-- This weekend: none
-- Future Visits: Oklahoma (Dec. 9), U-M, Texas A&M, FSU, Tennessee
-- Past Visits: none
-- Decision: ??


Visiting U-M: Ezeh (deciding soon), Banks (deciding in Dec., Jan. enrollee), Dorrestein (Dec. decision), Rose.

Visiting USC: Mouton, Tebow (Dec. 14 decision)

Visiting OSU: Larimore (deciding soon)

Visiting Florida: Barrie (deciding by Xmas)

Visiting Tennessee: Gibson

Visiting South Carolina: Brown (deciding in Dec., Jan. enrollee)

Also Deciding Soon: Smith (Dec. 5)

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