Future Linebacker Trio Bonds on Visit

Brandon Graham, Quinton Patilla, and Cobrani Mixon spent their time on campus this weekend getting to know each other a little better. After a couple of days together the three future Wolverines became fast friends. They even spent time trying to help bring another prospect into the fold.

The future Michigan linebacker trio of Quinton Patilla, Brandon, Graham, and Cobrani Mixon got a head start on building the chemistry that they'll need to be successful when they hit campus for their official visits this weekend. Patilla and Mixon were already quite familiar with one another, but the visit offered an opportunity for them to bring Graham into their inner circle.

"It was great," Patilla said of his time in Ann Arbor. "I got in Friday around 4-o'clock and hung out with some of the players. My host was Brandon Logan. I've been hanging out with him for a little while anyway, so that wasn't nothing new. My roommate Cobrani Mixon was down there. Brandon Graham was down there too. We were just chilling and trying to get to know each other a little bit better. I knew Cobrani already, but we were trying to get to know Brandon a little bit better. That was the first time we got to really interact with him. Now we're all family. I talked to all of the coaches every day. They said they can't wait for us to get down there. They said that this is the best linebacking corps that they've picked up. We're ready!"

"John Thompson was my host, Graham said. "He's doing real well down there. Other than that, I spent a lot of time with Quinton and Cobrani. They were real cool! We didn't really talk to the coaches as a group about what linebacker positions we'll be playing, so I don't know where they plan to line them up. I know where I'll be though. They told me I'm going to be playing the MIKE backer."

All three young men had been to campus a number of times previously, but the chance to explore things together made it a much less monotonous experience. "I'm always down there anyway, so I just basically took Cobrani and Brandon around showed them the parts of campus I knew," Patilla said. "We did a little bit of walking. The players took us around to little spots where they hang out at. There really wasn't anything going on so we didn't do much. We just hung out at the dorms."

When not hanging out with current Wolverines, the threesome spent time trying to bring another into the fold. The trio tried to use their powers of persuasion of Colorado defensive end Greg Banks, and according to Patilla, their efforts were not in vain. "We were talking to him about coming with us," Patilla said. "We treated him like family. He said he had to talk to his parents about it."

With their football seasons over and their visits now out of the way, the focus for all three players now shifts to getting physically ready for their college careers. "I'm about to start going down [to Ann Arbor] every other day to lift weights," Patilla said. I'll have to check back with Coach Gittleson to see if I can do that now or if I have to wait until after I sign."

Graham has already started training with former Michigan fullback Stan Edwards and will be at it again tomorrow.

For more on Graham's conditioning routine and visit, check out this story from earlier in the week: Brandon Graham Solid on Michigan.

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