Larimore: Visits Done, Decision Coming Soon

Indiana defensive tackle Dexter Larimore is back from his official visit to Ohio State.

Dexter Larimore Profile

Defensive tackle Dexter Larimore is back from his official visit to Ohio State, and he liked what he saw.

"It went really well," Larimore said. "It was a good visit."

Larimore was hosted by a fellow defensive tackle.

"Todd Denlinger was my host," he said. "He is a really nice guy."

Larimore said his family was entertained by OSU head coach Jim Tressel, and Tressel will be coming back to visit with the Larimores soon.

"Coach Tressel took my parents to his house for dessert," Larimore said. "He will be coming to my house. A week from tomorrow."

Larimore is finished with his official visits as between football and wrestling, he has completed his five official visits allowed by the NCAA. He talked about what will come next.

"I have no other visits set up," he said. "I really don't have anymore."

"My parents and I are going to sit down and weigh the pros and cons. I want to hear what they liked about the visit. We just got in so we have not had time to do that."

What did Larimore like about the visit?

"I enjoyed hanging out with the players," he said. "There is a great group of guys."

When will Dexter be announcing his decision?

"I will be likely make my decision by Christmas," he said.

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