Florida's Rose Can See Himself Going North

Floridian Daron Rose is one of the nation's top offensive tackles. He journeyed North this past weekend for his first official visit, and his first-ever trip North, to snowy Ann Arbor. The big OT talked to GoBlueWolverine about his trip.

Daron Rose (6-5, 310, 5.4) from Tampa Jefferson, Florida started out by saying:

"I enjoyed the visit. A LOT."

"It was my first time in the North. I'd never seen snow before. And I LIKED it."

"My host was Chris McLaurin ... and I hung around with the other recruits, Cobrani Mixon, Quintin Patilla, and Brandon Graham."

With no home basketball or hockey games, what did the recruits and their hosts do?

"We just hung out, we went over to players' houses, to their dorm rooms."

"And I got to talk to and meet with pretty much all of the coaches."

"The best part of the visit was just hanging out with players, and seeing that I fit in on the team."

Michigan fans will have to wait before they find out Rose's final decision:

"It'll be a while before I decide ... this was my first official visit."

"I've changed my list a little -- I've dropped Tennessee and added South Carolina, so I'll visit South Carolina, Florida State, Florida, and that's it ... all in January. It's just Michigan and those three -- that's it."

So can Rose really see himself playing in the North?

We posed the question to the articulate and athletic big man, and his response was emphatic: "Definitely."

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