Top PA Jr. OL Josh Marks likes the Wolverines

As the Wolverine coaches do their in-home and in-school recruiting visits in Dec. and Jan., they also get to check on some top juniors at their schools. Big junior Pennsylvanian offensive lineman Josh Marks already has scholarship offers, but there is one certain school he grew up rooting for, and at which he camped in 2005.

Junior offensive lineman Josh Marks plays for Southern Columbia, Pennsylvania, which beat Steel High 41-7 in todays Single A Semi-Final at Hershey Stadium.  Marks is 6-foot-5, 300 pounds.  He is the man responsible for most of FB Henry Hynowski's 1,800 yards and 30 TD's this season.  Hynowksi is also a Top PA Junior, he and Marks are very good friends. GoBlueWolverine recently had a chat with Marks.

Has Michigan been in contact with you at all?

"Yeah, I've been getting lots of letters and stuff from them."

What Michigna coach has been in contact with you? 

"All of them, but mostly coach Moeller."

How do you feel about the Wolverines? 

"I like'em, I like them alot!  I went out there during the summer, and had a good time."

Was this an unofficial visit or did you particpate in Michigan's Summer Camp? 

"This was at their Summer Camp.  My coach took me and my teammate out there, and it vas very nice out there.  Coach Moeller really liked me, he picked out 5 linemen near the end who worked as part of a special group."

Do you and teammate Henry Hynowski like to play together in College?

"I'd love too, we have talked about it some.  It will depends on the offers we get."

What other school have been contacting you? 

"Iowa, Georgia Tech, Penn State, West Virginia, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh."

Have you visited any of these schools? 

"Yeah, I've been to Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, and of course Michigan."

Have you received any offers yet?  

"West Virginia and Rutgers so far.  I'm expecting more, so we'll how that goes."

Did you grow up a fan of any team?  

"Every since I was little, I've been a Michigan fan."  I always watched them on TV, and have been a fan ever since.  I've dreamed of playing for them.  If they were to offer, it would really be a dream come true!"

It's early of course, but are there any schools that you guys plan on camping at next summer?  

"The places we camp will depend on the offers I receive."  

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