20 Questions With Noah Ruden

After a brief delay, GoBlueWolverine Magazine continues its 20 question segment with members of the 2005-06 Michigan hockey team. On Tuesday night, GBW caught up with Michigan's senior goalie Noah Ruden. Thus far in his senior campaign, Ruden has made

Now in his final year as a Wolverine, Noah Ruden is finally getting the chance to put his talent on display on a regular basis. After serving as Al Montoya's back up for his first three years on campus, Ruden is now competing for the starting role in his last year on campus. On Tuesday, Noah took the time to sit down with GoBlueWolverine Magazine for a round of 20 questions.

GBW: What is your full name?
Noah: Noah Michael Ruden

GBW: Do you have any siblings?
Noah: Sarey (25), Layne (18), Olivia (13)and Zach (16)

GBW: What is your major?
Noah: Communications

GBW: What has been your favorite class at Michigan?
Noah: History of the Vietnam War

GBW: Do you have any roommates?
Noah: Andrew Ebbett, Brandon Kaleniecki, Adam Dunlap and Reilly Olson

GBW: Who is your favorite professional player?
Noah: Tomas Vokoun (Nashville Predators)

GBW: What is your favorite NHL team?
Noah: Detroit Red Wings.

GBW: What is your first Michigan memory?
Noah: I have tons of them. My whole family went here and I was always watching Michigan football every Saturday.

GBW: What is your favorite Michigan memory as a player?
Noah: Winning my first game against Michigan Tech at Joe Louis Arena.

GBW: Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
Noah: I always tape the knob of my stick 34 times around (for my number).

GBW: What is your favorite arena to play in other Than Yost?
Noah: I would have to say Joe Louis Arena.

GBW: What is your favorite food?
Noah: Chinese

GBW: What is your favorite movie?
Noah: Good Will Hunting

GBW: What is your favorite band?
Noah: Dave Matthews Band

GBW: What is your favorite holiday?
Noah: Fourth of July

GBW: What is your most embarrassing moment on and off the ice?
Noah: In the first game of my freshman year, I slipped on my way out onto the ice during the first period and slid all the way to the red line. I think that my most embarrassing moment off the ice is knowing that I went to a class for two weeks before I realized that I wasn't registered for it.

GBW: What is your favorite video game?
Noah: NCAA Football

GBW: What is your biggest fear?
Noah: When I have to stop playing hockey.

GBW: What kind of car do you drive?
Noah: A 2005 Durango

GBW: Maize or Blue?
Noah: Blue

GoBlueWolverine Magazine would like to thank Noah Ruden for taking the time to answer our questions.

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