Steve Schilling: Secret in Seattle

Seattle offensive lineman Steve Schilling isn't just keeping things a secret from the press ...

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GoBlueWolverine spoke with the mother of Seattle lineman Steve Schilling this (Wednesday) morning. She chatted about his Michigan official visit this weekend.

"I went with Steve on his visit this time. His dad went with him back in May (the Memorial Day weekend)."

What did you guys think of the snow?

"Oh, snow is not a problem. We have snow here in Washington -- in fact it was snowing here the day before we left. It's a little unusual in Seattle in December, but we get snow. So no, the snow is not a factor. We had no problem getting in or out of Ann Arbor."

So, what did you think of the visit?

"We liked the city of Ann Arbor a lot. It's a little like Seattle -- the people. We liked the people there, in Ann Arbor and at Michigan."

Do you really think Steve would leave the West Coast?

"I think Steve would go across to the country to go to college, sure, if that's the school he liked best.

"And we'd (Steve's parents) have no problem with him going a long ways from home. Whatever he wants to do is fine with us."

And then Mrs. Schilling added:

"But -- we don't know what he is going to decide to do. He is keeping things a secret from everyone, and he is keeping it from us too. It's his decision."

Michigan was Schilling's first visit -- the U.S. Army All-American goes to Cal this Dec. 9 weekend (along with Greg Banks), to USC on Dec. 16, and he visits Washington in January.

More on Schilling to come -- and GoBlueWolverine will be watching him during the U.S. Army All-American Game week as well."

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