Tim Tebow: Michigan Out Of It?

The brother of the Florida quarterback says, "I know he's got it narrowed down to USC, Alabama, Florida and LSU."

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Quarterback Tim Tebow (6-3, 225, 4.6) from Jacksonville Nease (Fla.) is getting ready with his team-mates for Saturday's 4A state championship game in Miami against Cessna Armwood--two-time defending champs. Tebow's 24 year old brother, Robby, offered some thoughts about what Scout.com's No. 3 quarterback might decide.

"Timmy visited USC last weekend for the UCLA game with my dad, Bob," said Robby. "He really enjoyed it. He said he had a good time and loved coaches (Pete) Carroll, (Lane) Kiffin and (Steve) Sarkisian. He likes their offense and their schemes. He watched film of the team with the coaches and broke down the offense.

"He thinks Carroll is a really cool guy. He was in our house yesterday (Dec. 7) with Kiffin and Sarkisian. Carroll is real down-to-earth and personable and is obviously a great coach.

"USC is definitely still in the mix. He likes their coaching, the offense and the all-around good talent they have.

"I know he's got it narrowed down to USC, Alabama, Florida and LSU," explained Robby.

"He likes Alabama because of coach (Mike) Shula and his staff. He'd have the ability to go in there and play early. Shula is a really good person as well as a good coach. Shula was also a left-handed QB, like Tim, so they have that in common too.

"The thing about Florida is that it's closer--only about an hour away. They also run the spread offense which has its advantages because that's what Timmy is running right now in high school. He also likes the Gator staff a lot.

"Our parents went to Florida but that's not a factor at all. He's got to find where he fits in best and that doesn't have anything to do with our parents went to school. My parents have left it wide open and are not trying to influence him. They haven't said to him that he should go to any school.

"LSU's offensive coordinator is Jumbo Fisher. Timmy thinks he's really a great guy and really a good coach. Timmy has a really strong relationship with him. That's what has kept LSU in the mix," Robby said.

"I'll be the biggest fan of wherever he goes but I don't have a preference, except I'd like to see him be able to have a big impact. Timmy's a competitor. He'll try to compete for the starting job right away. He doesn't like standing on the sidelines.

"He's taken all his trips and this coming Tuesday (Dec. 13) he might make his decision, but he hasn't decided yet," Robby explained. "If he had decided, I'd be the person who would know because he would have told me. He's got a lot on his plate right now though.

"I'd say his top three schools are Alabama, USC and Florida. I'm not sure about a top two or anything like that. He's ready to make a decision so he can relax and do some recruiting for wherever he goes.

"If he decides, he will probably announce it on Tuesday at Nease High School. It'll be at 5:15 in the evening, I think, and it should be televised live on ESPN News."

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