Mike Morgan: Tentative Top Three

The Texas linebacker says, "They've all told me they thought I could play early, except Michigan."

Mike Morgan Profile

Dallas, Texas, linebacker Mike Morgan (6-3, 195, 4.6) said he still favors USC, Michigan, Florida State, Texas A&M and Oklahoma. He named the schools in this order. All have offered the Skyline High School prospect.

"I don't have a favorite, or a top two," Morgan said. "I guess you could say my top three are USC, Oklahoma and A&M. But I'll take all my trips before I decide, so I don't really know. I'll visit Michigan, Florida State and Texas A&M sometime in January. I already visited USC for their Washington State game (Oct. 29). I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow (Dec. 9).

"At USC, I like the coaches, the atmosphere and the environment. It's kind of a wild environment. I could see myself there for four years.

"Oklahoma also has good coaching and as a team, they seem real close--like the players are good friends," he said.

"A&M is a nice place. I like the environment there too. It's not a city and it's not a country town. It's more like just a college town.

"Coaches from USC, A&M, Oklahoma and Michigan have been in to see me (at home). They just talk about how they see me playing and how I would fit in. They see me playing outside linebacker, either strong or weak. They've all told me they thought I could play early, except Michigan.

"The only two head coaches who have been here are Pete Carroll and Bob Stoops. Neither one of them pressured me at all to commit to them. They just to decide whenever I'm ready.

"I really couldn't say who would be my leader. I tried doing that one time and it didn't go over too well," Morgan said. "And it was when I was talking to a coach. The school I said was in the lead wasn't his school and it hurt his feelings. I'm not making that mistake again."

Mike's mom, Janice, would like to see her son playing closer to home. "We want him to go somewhere near us, but if he chooses to go far, that's fine. It's up to him. We are just waiting around for Mike to take his visits," Mrs. Morgan said. "He's kind of hush-mouth. He doesn't tell us a lot of anything." Morgan reports a 3.0 GPA/840 SAT--"I'm qualified."

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