Another JC QB: Will This One Visit U-M?

6' 4", 235 pound Joe Danna threw for 1,274 yards and 10 TD's for Blinn CC during the 2005 campaign. Danna was named All-Conference Honorable Mention for his play on the field.

Joe Danna Profile

One candidate Ole Miss is bringing in this weekend is a Blinn CC product, Joseph Danna.

The 6' 4", 235 pound youngster threw for 1,274 yards and 10 TD's for Blinn CC during the 2005 campaign. Danna was named All-Conference Honorable Mention for his play on the field.

We were able to get a hold of the quarterback coach at Blinn CC. The following information was revealed during our interview with Coach Nesbit:

Talk about Joe as the person and as a quarterback. "He is just a good ole kid, personally. Joe's deal is all of his football is still out in front of him. When you see him, he has a NFL QB, body wise. He is all of 6' 4" and over 230 pounds. He still has some growing to do as a player, but he is expanding as he goes. He wants to be good. His teammates play hard for him. When we lost Joseph for a few games, we found that out in a hurry. Once he understands that the guys will play hard for him, he can take control."

What are is strengths on the field? "The big thing is his size. Like I said, he is over 6' 4", 230 pounds, so he can take some shots. He is pretty durable. Joe is around a 4.55 to 4.6 kid, so he can get you out of some trouble. When I went through his grades, I only credited him with two sacks all year. That is a credit to him. He throws the corner route really well. Joe can also throw the deep come back and the deep outs well. We just did not do that much of it this year because of our receivers."

What will he need to work on for the next level? "Just the speed of the game. We play good competition, but in D1 it is just on a whole different level. Once he adjusts to the speed, he will be fine. The only other thing he will have to learn is that you have to put in that extra time that the great ones do, and I know he will have no problem with that. If he were to go to a school like an Ole Miss or a Michigan, Joe will see that the level of competition is on a whole different level. He will have to put in a lot of time to make the adjustments."

Who are the main schools that are recruiting Joe? "Gosh, his list changes every day (laugh). He has already visited SMU, Wyoming, and is suppose to visit Ole Miss this weekend. Michigan has been trying to set something up. I am not sure if he has scheduled his visit there or not. I have been on the road for the past week recruiting myself, so I am not positive where he is with his Michigan visit, but they were trying to get something lined up last week. Like I said, his list changes every day, so it is hard to keep up."

Talk about Blinn's season. "We finished 7 - 3. We started off 5 - 0 and Joe got hurt in the first quarter of the 6th game. We lost that game and the next one while Joe was out. Joe only lost one game while he was playing."

Has Ole Miss been to talk to you or Joe yet? "Yes, Coach Slocum was in the other day. He came by the campus and spoke to us and Joe. I think Coach Slocum has been by Joe's parents house in Houston too, but you would need to confirm that with Joseph."

Has Joe mentioned what his interest in Ole Miss is at this point in time? "I think he is intrigued to play where Eli Manning played. The SEC is a historic conference, and it would be a great chance to play with and against the best players in the country. Ole Miss also has so much history. They are a special school in a special conference. A lot of the kids from the West do not understand it, but I think he wants that chance to live in that lifestyle."

Joe is a December prospect.

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