Amaker & Co. Pay Kalin Lucas a Visit

Orchard Lake St. Mary's junior point guard Kalin Lucas continues to hear from programs from all over the country, but the in-state schools continue to pay him the most attention. Will point guard depth at the two schools be a factor in his choice? Lucas also discusses the on-again off-again match-up with Saginaw Buena Vista's Tory Jackson.

Michigan's full court press of Orchard Lake St. Mary's point guard Kalin Lucas continued last weekend when members of the staff made their way over to Oakland County to check in on the talented floor general. "Sunday, Coach Amaker and Coach Jack came up there to watch me practice," Lucas said. "They came up there before that, but that was the first time they came up to watch me practice. I have a real good relationship with them. I talk to Coach Jack a lot. Sometimes when we're talking he'll tells me Coach Amaker wants to talk to me, so I call him too. I have a good relationship with Coach Amaker too".

Lucas remains as the #1 option in a position of need for the Maize and Blue. With the roster in its current configuration, Jerret Smith would stand as the lone returning point guard when the Wolverines hit the hardwood two years from now. That obviously would put Amaker & company in a precarious situation depth wise. Conversely, it seemingly puts them in a very advantageous position in Lucas' recruitment since playing time is a significant factor in his choice and other under schools under consideration have more depth at his position. Recently, though, Lucas has tried to de-emphasize that issue a bit.

"Me and my dad were just talking about that," Lucas said. "I don't want to ride the oak, but he has been telling me to just worry about playing my game because I'm going to have to compete wherever I go. So I still look at it, but I look at what I'm doing more. I just have to keep working on my game and getting better. If I do that, I'll be able to play wherever I go. I still look at it a little bit though. I look at who they're recruiting a little bit too."

Though he hasn't whittled his list down yet, it seems more and more likely that Lucas will wind up playing his basketball in the state of Michigan. The Wolverines and Spartans are still showing more interest than any other programs. Furthermore, his parents have tossed subtle hints about how they feel about him going far away.

"Michigan and Michigan State are still the only two that have offered," Lucas said. "I'm still hearing from other schools though. I still hear from Kansas, and Coach Weber from Illinois came up. But Michigan and Michigan State are the only two that have offered. I think my parents would like it if I stayed in state anyway. They always say stuff like 'you want us to come see all of your games, right?' or 'you want to be able to see your little brother grow up, don't you?' (Laughing)."

Kalin Lucas, his little brother, and Dionte Allen

At this point Lucas still isn't claiming a leader and insists he likes both in-state schools. Of greater importance to him at this juncture is his high school team. The 6-1, 170-pounder believes this year's Eaglet squad will be better than last year's. There's already more buzz around the program than there was last season at this time. The talk of the high school basketball world in the state of Michigan over the past week was the pending match-up between Lucas and former Michigan point guard target, Tory Jackson. St Mary's was slated to host Saginaw Buena Vista Friday night in Orchard Lake, but the game was postponed do to inclement weather. The make-up was supposed to occur on Tuesday, but that too was postponed…this time to a scheduling conflict for Buena Vista. After all of the buid-up for the game, not being able to play was a letdown for Lucas.

"I'd been hearing so much about how he was going to 'give it to me,' " Lucas said. "Even people at my school were coming up to me talking about, 'Tory Jackson is coming for you.' I was looking forward to the game. It's nothing personal or anything like that. It just would have been fun. I wouldn't have been out there just tying to get mine though. I would have just played my normal game and tried help the team the best way possible."

It looks like Lucas will get his chance when Jackson comes to town on January 6th.

Be sure to check our full length feature on Kalin Lucas in an upcoming issue of GoBlueWolverine the Magazine.

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