Tuesday Noon: Head Coach Press Conference

Lloyd Carr and Bill Callahan talk about what this game means to their respective programs. Coach Carr also talks about the Nebraska defensive line, and addresses some personnel matters.

Coach Carr on Coach Callahan. "Bill Callahan was a high school coach in Chicago when I was asstant at Illinois. I recommended him as grad asstant, to Bo Schembechler, but he went to Illinois first."

Coach Callahan in the Alamo Bowl: "This is a great game for our team. We are young, played 29 freshmen, redshirt freshmen and sophomores ... so this is a great learning experience for our team, matter what the outcome. This game against Michigan is a barometer for us of where we are as a team."

Coach Carr: "I'm told this will be third most watched bowl game, by far. So for exposure, for recruiting ... this game will be watched every college football fan. And the most important standpoint ... we have 21 seniors playing in their last game. We want to send them out as winners, as Alamo Bowl champs ... it'd be a tremendous thing for them, and for our team."

"And the great thing about competing against Nebraska in this game, they've won more Nation al Championships in the last 30 years than anyone. Nebraska is one of those programs we've looked at U-M, the way they compete. Those factors have been an asset in the way they've approached this game."

Coach Carr on the U-M O-line vs Nebraska D-line: "We've played some outstanding defensive football teams, with some fine defensive fronts .... Nebraska's is the best we've played. They lead nation in sacks ... certainly our ability to run, to be balanced, is a key to us."

Coach Carr on Eugene Germany, Max Martin, Adrian Arrington ... not being listed on the Alamo Bowl roster. "I'll keep my comments to the kids that are here." (Follow-up question) ... "I assume that they'll all come back."

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