Crazy Alamo Ending: The Last Play

Here is how it officially breaks down: the last play of the game.

The play starts with U-M 2nd down and 10 at the Michigan 36 yard line with :02 left on the clock.

#7 Chad Henne passes to #8 Jason Avant for +13 yards
Avant laterals back -4 yards.
(Avant credited with net +9 on this part of the play)

#20 Mike Hart catches the ball and immediately laterals again to #15 Steve Breaston, who catches the lateral and advances to the Nebraska 45
Breaston laterals back to the U-M 45.
(Breaston credited with 0 yards on this part of the play

) Breaston's lateral is caught by #86 Mario Manningham on the U-M 45. He runs backwards to the U-M 36.
Manningham laterals back to the U-M 32.
(Manningham credited with -13 on this part of the play)

#8 Avant catches the lateral at the U-M 32 and runs back to the U-M 28
(Avant credited with -4 yards).
Avant laterals it back -8 yards; it is dropped by Mark Bihl -- a fumble
(Avant credited with -8 yards).
The play 'seems' dead, but there is no referee whistle ... but the whole Nebraska team streams out, en mass, onto and across the field.

#20 Hart recovers Avant's fumble at the U-M 20, runs through the mass of Nebraska team and fans to the U-M 29.
Avant laterals back to the U-M 25
(Avant credited with +5 on that portion of the play)

#89 Tyler Ecker catches the lateral from Hart at the U-M 25, runs down the U-M sideline to the Nebraska 13 yard line.
(Ecker credited with +62 on that portion of the play)

Ecker is finally tackled on the play by, officially, Nebraska defensive backs #1 Bowman and #21 Brothers to end the play and the game (in the post-game presser, Pierre Woods, who was leading the blocking for Ecker, says he saw a Nebraska tight end came from the bench and across the field to actually knock Ecker down).

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