Post Game Quotes; Looking Back, Ahead

Coach Carr, Chad Henne, Pierre Woods (on the last play), Mike Hart, Steve Breaston, Gabe Watson, and Alan Branch. All look back at the game and the season -- and look forward with determination to next season.

Head Coach Lloyd Carr:

"The players deserved better."

On why they lost: "Turnovers and the inability to run time off the clock with an 11 point lead." (note: U-M had two turnovers in the 4th quarter as Nebraska scored two TD's to take the lead for good).

On improvement for next season: "The ability to close out games. We have to be able to run the football in the waning moments of a game when we have a lead. And our defense has to find ways to keep them out of the end zone at the end ... it's not easy because teams spread you out and use all four downs."

On Chad Henne: "He has really developed physically, and in the pocket ... it's all part of his maturation. He did some great things in there. On that last drive he scrambled for significant yardage .. he gave us a chance to win at the end."

On Henne on scrambling out of the pocket (he was U-M's second leading ground-gainer with 58 yards): "That is something we're tried to get him to do since he's been here ... it takes time to develop the knack. He has some mobility and has the ability to make plays with his feet."

Chad Henne:

"Their defensive front four broke up a lot of plays. They made it hard to run or pass. They did a great job, and I was stepping up into the pocket hard to avoid their pass rush. So at times it was better to run it than to throw an incompletion."

"We had the ball and the lead with 7 minutes left but we couldn't keep the clock running. We have been practicing keeping the ball at the end of the game, but we didn't get it done."

"This is a great year to learn from. You learn from experience -- you learn from defeat, you don't give up."

Pierre Woods:

"Tyler Ecker got tackled by someone who came off the bench, a tight end, 80-something. It was an offensive player. The play was still live, and I was in front rooting for him (Woods was out of the play, running along on the sidelines) ... the whistle hadn't blown."

"In any game turnovers are costly (Michigan tied a bowl record with 4 fumbles and added an interception). Turnovers change the momentum."

Mike Hart:

"The biggest problem -- we didn't finish. We just didn't do it. We worked on finishing every day in bowl practice."

"For next season -- this is motivation. If you want to finish you have to work. This offseason we're going to work -- if you want to win you have to work. This offseason we're going to work, and next season we're going to win."

"We got the running game going in the second half. In the second half I felt like myself again." (note: Hart gained 61 yards in the second hald after only 22 in the first).

Steve Breaston:

"We had control of it (the game), we just didn't do it."

"We fought to the end. We had a lot of tough games this year, and we didn't come up with all of them. We won some, but we didn't finish them all."

"We're going to fight through this."

"I felt great this game; I felt I handled my responsibility toward the team."

Gabriel Watson:

"On that last play we were hoping for one of those miracle games."

Alan Branch:

"We're a tough team; we're going to reload."

"I'm going to lose some weight."

Finally Coach Carr on the replay system: "We had a conference call recently, and I said that if you're going to have instant replay then you have to have a coach's challenge as part of it. If a coach sees something, he has to have the opportunity to replay it. We had to use a timeout once -- we were right but we don't get it (the timeout) back."

Stay tuned for more to come -- interviews and photos.

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