Army AA OT Sam Young To Wait It Out

First Team USA Today All American and U.S. Army All American sat down and talked to GoBlueWolverine during his check-in process for the Army week festivities. He has scheduled three January visits, including to Michigan. Is he determined to take all the visits before he decides?

The check in process for the U.S. Army All American players yesterday (Sunday) was a half-day-long affair which included getting proper fitting equipment, doing video interviews with Fox Sports and NBC Television, getting rooms and room-mates, and signing 50+ footballs for charities. In the middle of the hub-bub, Florida offensive tackle Sam Young took a break to chat with GoBlueWoverine about how his recruiting process will play out.

Young, perhaps the biggest player in the game at 6-8, 300+, is a sincere, quiet young man who was happy to sit down and lay things out for us.

You've only taken one official visit so far, to USC. It looks like you've filled your January calendar?

"Yes, I've got room for three more visits. I'm going to Notre Dame (Jan. 13), Penn State (Jan. 20) and Michigan (Jan. 27)."

Is there a chance that if the Notre Dame visit goes great that you'll commit there that weekend and not take the others?

"No. I'll wait and take them all."

None of your finalists are in the Southeast. What's a Southern guy doing looking at all Northern schools?

"Well USC isn't really Northern, but I get your point. I just decided I wanted to get out and experience a different part of the country for the next few years."

Are you parents from the North?

"Yes, they both grew up in the Pittsburgh area."

So, one more time, are you determined to take all three of your remaining visits before you make your decision?

"Yes, I want to give them all a chance."

You've been to Michigan before, correct?

"Yes, I've been there twice actually. Once last summer (just before the Michigan Camp), and once the year before."

Note: Notre Dame is considered the big competition for Young ... we'll see if the big OT has more to say on the matter as the week goes on.

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