Army Day One: Best Stories, and Worst

Here in detail are the most memorable moments -- the startling WOW moments -- of the Day One East and West practice sessions.

The best:

No. 1 - In the one-on-one OL-DL drills (where the DL tries to get to a dummy quarterback, and the OL tries to hold him out) ... the play of the day was the East's OL Andre Smith (Alabama OG who is announcing at the game) against a certain DE (we'll spare him the embarrassment of using his name, but he's a commitment for a key U-M Big Ten rival ...). Usually in the drill the DL wins and it is a matter of how long the OL can hold him out by himself ... two-three seconds is good. In this case the poor DE flailed away at the mountainous Smith, who stood his ground like a rock and then gradually pushed the poor DE back into the DL huddle. It reminded us of a 5-year-old son 'beating up' his dad.

No. 2 - The offenses and defense were mostly working on formations, and there was not too much 'live game' offense vs. defense action. But on the East, the units did line up for some 11-on-11 running game action. Huge OSU RB commitment Chris Wells (6-2+, 230+) was a beast -- and on one play he broke off tackle (between Andre Smith and Sam Young) for a big gainer ... blazing past the linebackers for 20 yards, when starting safety Antwine Perez dared to square up on him to make the tackle. Wells hit the thin Perez like a cannon shot, launching the poor safety off the ground and back through the air 3-yards, then landing in a heap (Perez got up and was fine).

The Worst:

No. 1 - U-M recruit Jai Eugene, East CB, injuring his ankle toward the end of the West practice ... he went out and it was taped with an ice pack ... we'll see what his status is today.

No. 2 - West Placekicker Kai Forbath, considered the top PK in the country, lined up for his first field goal attempt of the day, about a 30 yarder ... and promptly dribbled the kick along the ground into the end zone. The team erupted into laughter ... Kai will have to live THAT one down ...

No. 3 - Few completions by the East QBs, Tim Tebow and Zach Frazer ... as we said, there weren't many passes thrown, and this should improve as the East offensive unit gets squared away. Plus, East WR Vidal Hazleton couldn't practice because his helmet didn't arrive. At any rate, Tebow can run it like a RB as well.

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