Day Three Interviews: Michigan Recruits Talk

Did you know that there are 43 Army Bowl All-Americans in the USC-Texas game (32 on USC, 20 on Texas). No wonder ... Okay, back on topic -- GoBlueWolverine chatted with the Michigan commitments and recruits as they ate lunch today.

Michigan Commitment and USA Today All American Brandon Graham, on not being used at fullback on this day. "I'm still playing fullback too -- they are just playing two of us there," he told GoBlueWolverine. In reality, Graham may be too valuable as a linebacker to be tired out a fullback. He was on the field the whole time on this day, and, as he told us with his signature huge smile, "I'm playing all three linebacker spots."

We approached Justin Boren and Sam Young at lunch today -- the two have become buddies and were eating together. We asked Young to describe Borens strengths. "None," said the normally quiet Young with a dead-pan expression. "He's no good." The two laughed and shoved each other. We asked them if we could snap their picture together. "Boren: "I'm not going to have my picture taken next to him ..." Michigan fans of course hope the friendship continues for 4-5 more years ...

Boren and Young take in lunch

Boren on the East player who impresses him the most: "Chris Wells," the huge OSU RB commitment. "I'm trying to do my job out there and don't pay that much attention to what else is going on out there ... but Chris Wells is an awesome guy."

Sam Young, same question: "All of the East linebackers, as a group -- Micah (Johnson), (Brandon) Graham, (Akeem) Hebron ... all of them."

West safety Jonas Mouton: "How's Brandon (Graham) doing?" Just then Graham walked up: "Hi 'B'." as far as the West player who impresses him most: "Number 79, Chris Stewart." The 6-3, 385-pound offensive lineman can do the splits! And, in case there is any doubt, "I'm not announcing at the game. The Army people here would like me to, but I'm not."

Steve Brown on his condition: "My ankle just stiffens up and gets sore because I'm not done rehabbing it quite yet. It's just not as flexible as it's going to be yet. My rehab is supposed to be done at the end of February." He's playing more cornerback than safety in practice this week -- where does he see himself playing in college? He gave a big smile and said, "I'm not a corner, I'm a safety." When asked if he thought he was as fast as East WR Percy Harvin, who burned the East defense twice on this day, he again smiled. "Maybe in the 40. But he's a sprinter, I'm not -- my best 100 meters time is not that fast ... it's a 10.7." (a 10.7 100m not that fast -- ha!)

Tom Lemming picked out five West Players to highlight on this day -- two of which are Michigan recruits:

"Jai Eugene -- the best pure high school cover corner in the nation."

"Jonas Mouton -- he hits like a linebacker and covers like a corner."

One more thing. East quarterback Zach Frazer on his big day throwing the ball (see Harvin: "And that's why he's #1".): "I've been waiting for the scrimmages to start ... I just wanted to get my chance." For the record, East WR's Percy Harvin and Vidal Hazleton, who each caught two Frazer TD passes today, were eating lunch with QB Tim Tebow.

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