Thurs. Army Bowl East Practice Report: H&H

Once again it was the "H & H" show at the East practice on Thursday -- wideouts Percy Harvin and Vidal Hazelton.

Once again, there was sharp passing from QB Zach Frazer to Percy Harvin on slants over the middle and to Vidal Hazelton deep. Multiple TD passes were tosses to each again from today, mainly from the ND commitment Frazer. The lefty Tim Tebow seems to favor rolling out and/or running it, whereas Frazer drops back and wings it.

(If West U-M safety recruit Jonas Mouton lines up on slot WR Harvin and has to cover him on these slants ... watch out).

Michigan commitment Steve Brown continues to get lots of work in the defensive backfield, mostly at CB. His coverage skills are surprisingly good for him being perhaps 75%, and his ankle is still holding up although he is lightly limping by the end of the day.

Brandon Graham -- he mostly played MIKE LB today. It seemed like RB Chris Wells got fewer carries today, and most of the action was to the wideouts over the linebackers heads.

OT Sam Young -- boy that guy is good ... the more the days go by the more we thing he's the best offensive tackle here. He's the whole package -- and he will only get better as he gets stronger.

LG Justin Boren -- nothing to add today, except he rotated between both guard slots today. In a word, he is SOLID ... he will come into U-M perhaps more ready to go than any OL we can recall ... 500+ lb. bench press for example ...

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Brandon Graham tackles #1 Vidal Hazelton

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