Army JR Combine Day 3: Little, Lalich, Hughes

Army JR Combine Day Three: Position Drills. Many top Michigan recruits shined on this day -- a quarterback, a wide receiver, a running back, a defensive lineman, two cornerbacks, and more. Here's our first report on the day. **WITH ACTION PHOTOS**

Like last year, the combine was huge -- 650 kids overall -- but this year the combine team did a GREAT job running things, doing the registration and bench press on Friday, the testing on Saturday, and the position drills on Sunday. Each position group was broken into several smaller groups, so each kid got plenty of reps, etc. Kudos for a job well done with a huge group of kids (this is not a self-contratulation: this is not a combine, it's the Army's/Sportslink's, we are the media sponsor).

Three more top combine kids who we interviewed.

Wide Receiver Greg Little, 6-3, 207 lbs. from Durham, North Carolina, Hillside High. The best wide receiver in the junior combine -- Little, who was named to Scout.comn's All-Combine Team (see the front page for the story). He was fast, strong, big, good leaper, and made catch after catch. He ran a 4.3 shuttle. We did not photograph him however because on his data sheet he did not list Michigan as one of his schools (he only listed three, Texas, Georgia and UNC). So we were surprised when after the combine Greg walked up to us and said, "You're Michigan reporters? Here's my highlight tape -- I'm definitely very interested in Michigan. They've offered me, and I'm going to camp there this summer." Little told us he will camp at, "Michigan, Texas, Georgia Tech, Tennessee and North Carolina." He said he has offers from, "Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Nebraska and Duke." That camp list may seem long, but a while later he came up again with a teammate and they repeated the same list to us verbatum ... maybe his team is going to travel the summer camp circuit together (three more of his teammates camp up to us, professed their affection for Michigan, and gave the same camp list). Little ran an excellent 4.31 shuttle for a big receiver -- but he, along with everyone else at the combine practically, will scratch their 40's as they were run into a stiff 20-mph wind on Saturday. From watching him though, he's a 4.5 or better guy, easily. Keep this name in mind -- he's a Top 100 caliber prospect.

Greg Little

Quarterback Pete Lalich, from West Springfield High School in Springfield, Va., was named's top quarterback of the camp. GoBlueWolverine concurs. Lalich is 6-4, 210, but he didn't do any of the 'measurable' drills. A happy, sweet-natured kid who reminds us temperment-wise of Ryan Mallett ... Ryan was popular with other combine attendees, not a 'big shot' at all. He had an excellent day Sunday -- very good arm, excellent accuracy, and he is a good athlete as well as far as agility. Remember that on Sunday he told us as far as Michigan interest, "Oh YES. I was there for the Ohio State game. I sat right in back of Tim Tebow at the game." However, in the meantime we noticed that Lalich did NOT list Michigan on his data sheet. So on Sunday we asked him what's up with that. "I don't have an offer from Michigan ... an offer would jump them up there. I AM going to the Michigan Camp this summer, along with the USC and Florida camps. In fact my whole team will go to either the Michigan or Florida camp." Lalich's head coach told us he runs kicking camps across the country in the summer, and he runs the Michigan kicking camp as well. So Michigan is in a good position here if they want to be ...

Pete Lalich

More on Chicago Hubbard running back Robert Hughes. He was correct in saying he and Lalich were friends, they palled around a lot on Sunday -- in fact Lalich threw many of his passes to Hughes. We reported Hughes as 5-11, 227 to you on Monday, and said Robert told us he thought he had a 4.3 shuttle time ... that was incorrect. When the kids got their times on Sunday, Hughes' dad told me, "Here it is -- he ran a 4.1 shuttle" (one of the top times at the combine). As with the others, he'll scratch his 40 (the times were all approximately 0.2 secs slow, so for the few times you WILL see reported, keep this in mind). Robert is not a 'burner' back, and he's not a 'shifty' back ... he's a strong agile back ... a big like 'Michigan-style' back with good mobility we'd say. Robert reiterated to us that his favorites are , "Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ohio State," and said he would like to attend the Michigan camp this summer, as well as Ohio State's.

Hughes photos:

More to come, on many more kids -- heck we haven't gotten to the DB's at all ... and also more to come on Detroit DT Josepth Barksdale, who we were told was named to the All Combine Team.

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