The Wait Continues for Marques Slocum

Classes have begun for students at the University of Michigan. However, one prospective student-athlete is still awaiting the results of the SAT test he took in December. For Marques Slocum of Philadelphia, the wait is bringing on a new determination to realize his dream of playing for the Maize and Blue.

The saga of defensive tackle Marques Slocum and the test score drags on ... and on. The former five star prospect from Philadelphia was at the Milford Academy for the fall semester after failing to acquire a qualifying score on his college admission tests. He is now awaiting the results of his most recent SAT, taken in December. has been in constant contact with Slocum regarding the situation, and on Tuesday he reported the latest. "I called them (the SAT folks) again today and they said to call tomorrow (Wednesday)," Slocum said.

He only took the SAT this fall, not the ACT, and, he told GBW, "I really wanted to take the ACT, because I didn't have as much to make up (as far as raising his score), but Milford would only let me take the SAT." Milford students are allowed to take the SAT only.

Slocum is in this situation because he didn't give his education the attention it required early in his high school career. As often happens later in life, those choices are looked upon with a sense of regret. Such is the case with Slocum. "You know, when I was younger I didn't really care about school," he said. "It was just in the way, and I didn't appreciate it. Now, I think about things and I really want to be back in school. I miss it."

Another part of his newfound desire for education is to work with a tutor. "I signed up to work with a lady who is going to help me every day," he said. "I'm looking forward to getting together with her so I can catch up."

Should he receive news that he didn't qualify this time around, his dream to go to Michigan is not dead. "I've talked to Coach (Steve) Stripling and he is all behind me, 100-percent," he said. "I am already scheduled to take the SAT again on Jan. 26, and the ACT on Feb. 11, just in case. I have until June." The SAT and ACT are given on alternative months from October through June.

Slocum said he wasn't even considering other options, should the Michigan door close as a result of his academic shortfalls. He is determined to make the grade, he said.

The 6-foot-5, 320-pound Slocum was one of the highest rated players in the recruiting class of 2005. However, he injured his ankle while at Milford this fall, and when the semester ended he was sent home. Marques said he is again healthy and working out -- both physically, and academically.

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