Interest in Corperrayle Harris Picking Up

There has been a buzz out of Detroit early in the high school basketball season about Redford guard, Corperrayle"Manny" Harris. GoBlueWolverine caught the slender youngster in action a number of times last year and over the summer, but had not seen him in action during the 05/06 campaign. That changed Tuesday when GBW made the trek down to Detroit to catch the Redford - Renaissance game. After the contest, Harris gave the latest on his recruitment, and mentioned that the Wolverines are involved.

Corperrayle Harris is a player whose stock is rising, as evidenced by the schools that are recruiting him. In recent months he has received interest from Michigan, Xavier, Michigan State and UCLA. The youngster nicknamed "Manny" grew a few inches over the summer and has continued to impress with his gritty style of play. Recruited by most schools as a combo guard, Harris won't dazzle onlookers with overwhelming feats of athleticism, but at 6-4 and about 165-pounds, he does what it takes to get the job done. If that means diving on the floor for loose balls, going down low to grab tough rebounds, playing stifling in your face defense, or crossing Ramar Smith over for a game winning shot…"Manny Fresh" has shown he is capable of delivering. If that isn't enough, the hardwood isn't the only place where Harris puts in work. The youngster currently sports a 3.0 GPA, excels in his favorite subject (Math), and has visions of owning his own company one day.

GoBlueWolverine ventured down to Detroit Tuesday to watch Harris and the Redford Huskies take on Paul Williams and the Renaissance Phoenix. A member of the Michigan coaching staff was also on hand to see Harris come through with 20 points and eight rebounds for his team, but it just wasn't enough. The Huskies lost a nail-biter 64-62 in overtime on a Williams shot right before the buzzer.

Harris took the time after the contest to chat with GBW about his game and to give the latest on his recruitment.

Manny can you describe your game for us?

"I play good defense, I can get to the basket, I can rebound, I can shoot the midrange, and I am a leader. I do need to work on my jump shot and getting stronger. I also need to work on being a more vocal leader on the floor."

So how is recruiting going for you so far?

"It is going okay. Right now UCLA, Michigan, Michigan State and Xavier are the schools that I have been in contact with."

Who will help you make your decision and have you started to discuss your decision yet?

"Well helping me make my decision will be my dad, mom, and my high school coach, Coach Flowers. We are now just starting to talk about the recruiting process."

What are some of the things that are important to you when you choose a college?

"I am interested in playing right away. I would like to find a school that is interested in me and the way I play. I would like a school that fits my style of play. It is not going to be a rushed decision."

Would you prefer to stay in-state?

"I would like to stay in state so that my family could come and see me play, but I am open to going out of state if it is a good enough fit for me."

What teams were your childhood favorites?

"Michigan, Michigan State, and North Carolina. I liked those schools growing up."

Have you had a chance to talk to any of the Michigan coaches?

"Yes I have. When I went up to the see Michigan play Purdue. I talked to coach Mike Jackson. He is real cool. I talked with Coach Amaker. He is real cool too. I can't get over how calm he seems when you're talking to him.

If you could give me six players in this state that you would like to play with who would they be?

"Ramar Smith, DeShawn Sims, Tajuan Porter, Alex Legion, Durrell Summers, and Leon Freeman.

Are you sure you would have enough basketballs?

"We would make it work."

GoBlueWolverine will have more from Manny in the coming weeks.

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