TUES: Recruiting Is Piping Hot Today

Here's the latest on everything and everyone. In-homes and decision this week, and more visitors lining up for this coming weekend.


Calif S Jonas Mouton: had his in-home with Coach Carr (and Coach English) last night ... STILL no trigger-pulling. Everyone is trying to stay calm, not get frustrated ... in the long run no one will remember when the decision-and-announcement was made. At least he's re-decided not to take more visits. (See story on front page).

Seattle OL Steve Schilling: Coach Carr in-home tonight. Was at Washington last weekend, and visited U-M and Cal in December. Are his visits are done now, or will he go to USC this weekend?

Florida OT Sam Young: Has Carr/Moeller in-home Wed. night. This is a last-ditch effort to get back up there with Notre Dame and possibly USC. (don't want to say last gasp ... anything can happen in recruiting, and has). Young is the top OT in the USA and his family likes U-M, so the effort is worthwhile ... Sam visited U-M just before the start of summer camp and there was hope coming in that he might even commit at that time, but those hopes were totally deflated while he was there during the visit and they remained so until he scheduled a U-M visit in late January ... that visit was subsequently cancelled, and this in-home is the remaining recruiting effort to 'turn this lightbulb back on' ...

Va. RB Brandon Minor: announcing Friday, between U-M and Tennessee (visited last weekend). GBW is cautiously optimistic.

Instate DE/TE Quintin Woods: visited U-M last weekend and the Wolverines lead, but he goes to Iowa this weekend and Missouri the next.

NY DE McKenzie Mathews: U-M leads; he takes his final visit this weekend, to Boston College.

Texas QB Nick Stephens. Gets an assistant coach inhome tonight; let's see if a visit for this weekend gets scheduled.

Visit Trail still has a ways to go:

Fla. OT Daron Rose: visited U-M in Dec and South Carolina this past weekend; still has Florida and FSU (last visit, watch that one, could be 'the competition' to U-M for him) to go.

Adam Patterson: has been to U-M, Tennessee, South Carolina. Still has NC State and Auburn to go.

Michigan trails for:

OL Sam Young -- see above.

Instate DB Aaron Gant: the sleeper safety may pick OSU (visited last weekend)over U-M this week, or may visit U-M this weekend.

Ohio LB Thaddeus Gibson: OSU (visited last weekend) leads, then Tennessee, then U-M here; may announce any time.

Back Burner until Jan. 27:

La. RB William Griffin, Ky. DT Corey Peters, Fla. DL Bryant Miller

Lastly, will Pa. LM Jason Kates visit U-M this weekend? We'll check whether this story is accurate or inaccurate.

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