Final Week Visitors: SC DE Adam Patterson

The South Carolina defensive end makes his final official visit this weekend, to Auburn. U-M is the only Northern school on his list of five -- would he really come up to Michigan for college?

Like many players in the South, where the high school playoffs go late into December, South Carolina defensive end Adam Patterson took all his official visits starting with his January 13th Michigan visit.

"Yeah, before that you guys didn't even know who I was up in the North. But now I appreciate the interest from everyone."

Were the Michigan Coaches in your home tonight?

"Yeah, they just left. It was Coach Carr and Coach Campbell."

"I've known Coach Campbell since I was at the Michigan Camp two summers ago. I still have my plaque -- for Best Defensive Lineman."

Is this your last in-home visit?

"Yes, it is."

What's your reaction to the idea of coming North? Is it intriguing to you?

"Oh yeah! It's a great chance for me to be exposed to something else, something new. And it's a chance for me to see how football is played in the North."

Is there one thing about Michigan that stays with you?

"First of all, the players themselves -- I developed a good relationship with the players over that weekend. I made good friends with James McKinney, who was my host that weekend. Also, the new academic center, that place is phenomenal."

Have you eliminated anyone?

"No. It's Michigan, Tennessee, South Carolina, NC-State, and I'm going to Auburn this weekend."

"It will just come down to Sunday ... I'll sit down on Sunday, go over all the teams, and decide."

When will you announce your decision?

"On Signing Day there will be a press conference at 12:30 at my school, then I'll drive up to Charlotte to go on ESPN."

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