FRI EVENING: Rec. Decisions, Percentages

Friday Morning Football Recruiting. The latest on all six remaining recruits: Percentages, and all the Details. One HUGE decision has been made, but there are one or possibly two more this weekend! **FRIDAY EVENING -- ONE BIG CHANGE**.

**NEW FRI PM** Jonas Mouton. In-homes finished now, will announce on Signing Day between ... could be ... between U-M and Texas. GBW's percentage: 50.00000001% now. This one has gotten tougher ... his mom is a Texas alum and he has a brother living in Austin. So, we are staying to the 'positive' of 50-50, but just barely. Could this most changable of percentages keep changing, day to day? This one may be settled on Signing-Day-eve, or Signing-Day-morning.

Jason Kates: had his Michigan HC (head coach)in-home yesterday (Thursday), not today (Thursday makes more sense actually). He is now going through the decision process, and will announce Monday at 3:00 PM at his school. It is U-M, NC-State and Syracuse. GBW's percentage: 50.999%

McKenzie Mathews: decided to visit Syracuse this weekend. Had his U-M HC in-home this past Monday. It is U-M, Pitt, BC and now Syracuse for him. A planned Sunday decision, Signing Day announcement. GBW's percentage: 50.1%

Corey Peters: at Michigan this weekend. Had his U-M HC in-home on Wednesday. OSU is the strongest competition coming in, but his host is his 'cousin' James McKinney. Signing Day announcement, at 10 AM at his school. GBW's percentage: 50.01%

Adam Patterson: had his U-M HC in-home last night (Thurs.) Takes his final visit to Auburn this weekend. He still has all 5 of his schools in it (Michigan, Tennessee, South Carolina, NC-State, Auburn), and has a planned Sunday decision, Signing Day announcement (12:30 PM at his school). GBW's percentage: 49% (this is a high percentage with 5 schools still in it ... the percentage is this high just based on a hunch -- he just sounded noticeably impressed with U-M when we spoke to him last night).

Daron Rose: had U-M coach in his school this week, as well as from his other finalists FSU and S-Car. Has his final visit to FSU this weekend. Signing Day announcement, at 10 AM at his school. GBW's percentage: 45-49% ... would give FSU the 51+% edge here, just based on the scenario ... I know that leaves a really low % for S-Car but don't really mean it that way ... the forecast applies to U-M only.

Remember: 50.1% does NOT equal 100%, nor does 50.99% nor 51%, and so on. In fact, 50.1% leaves 49.9% uncertainty, and so on down the line.

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