Kates: Signing Day Decision, Down to Two

Pa. DT Jason Kates took a visit to North Carolina this weekend -- but it hasn't changed his final two. But he has postponed his announcement until Wednesday.

Jason Kates Profile

Defensive tackle/offensive lineman Jason Kates' (6-3, 300, 5.0) visit to North Carolina (1/25) hasn't elevated the Tar Heels above Michigan and Syracuse, according his mother, Delores Kates. "He said the same thing about North Carolina as he said about every other school…it was a nice visit, he liked the coaches…," Mrs. Kates said. "But I think he still likes Michigan and Syracuse the best."

Kates will announce his decision on Signing Day from Bishop-McDevitt High School at 2:00 pm EST.

"I don't know what his final decision will be….I've left that totally up to him," Mrs. Kates continued. "This is about what he wants…it is about the next four years of his life, not mine.

Kates' visit to North Carolina was cut short due to a sudden case of food poisoning. "Jason said he got sick from some lobster and spent most of the time in his room…he came home and went straight to bed. I didn't go with him so I can't tell you much more."

Mrs. Kates said if it were up to her, Jason would go to Notre Dame. "He knows I like Notre Dame the best, but it's not up to me. I want him to go where he will be the happiest and right now that looks like Michigan or Syracuse.

"He had planned on making his decision tomorrow (1/30), but know we moved it to Wednesday so he can get better." Mrs. Kates said. "I just can't wait until this is all done with and we all know where he going for sure….and he can focus on his future."

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