Decommitting: The Wild, Wild West

There hadn't been a whole lot of drama in this recruiting season, but what fun would that be? The SEC West kicked up a whole season's worth of drama in one day. The Monday before signing day saw twists and turns all day long.

It all started innocently enough. South Hot 100 Wide Receiver London Crawford was previously committed to LSU. He had taken an official visit to Arkansas this month, and it was speculated that he might switch... he did.

Arkansas wasn't finished though. Springdale's Damian Williams, another South Hot 100 member, followed three of his teammates to Fayetteville as he switched his commitment from Florida to the Hawgs. Williams became the second member of the Springdale team to make the switch, and he was the one that was thought to be the most likely to "stick" with his original commitment.

LSU wasn't finished though, in fact, they weren't even close to being finished.

Jai Eugene shocked the country, well the recruitniks anyway, when he chose Michigan. Jai being Jai, it wasn't too surprising to see him switch back to his home state LSU Tigers today after making a big public splash on National Television at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

So are you keeping score? LSU loses Crawford to Arkansas, gets's #1 Corner in Eugene... phew, what a day! Wait, what's that? The Tigers aren't done yet?

Marcus Tillman, a three star defensive end from Mississippi, made the switch from LSU to play for his home state Ole Miss Rebels.

OK, LSU's finished with the drama right? Well, no... Three Star linebacker and LSU Commitment Kelvin Sheppard of Stone Mountain, Ga., has been an LSU commitment for months, but he's still looking at Tennessee and Virginia Tech with an announcement to be made on Signing Day?

Soft Commitment? Now there's a contradiction in terms.

Not to be left out of the fray, Auburn and Alabama were key players in's #7 wide receiver Tim Hawthorne. Hawthorne had long been labeled by message board jockeys as an attention hound, but after a day like today, his plain 'ole press conference to announce his decision seemed downright boring. He chose Auburn by the way.

So while Hawthorne is making his announcement, former Tiger Commitment Alex Rose is telling reporters that he is back in bed with Auburn, and his one day commitment to Florida State was anything but...

How about we wait until signing day to see the fax come in on Mr. Rose before anyone gets too excited after three commitments in three days for those of you counting at home... Auburn/FSU/Auburn.

Not to be completely left out of the fun, wide receiver and South Hot 100 member Earl Alexander re-confirmed his commitment to the Tide after a brief flirtation with Auburn.

What about Mississippi State? They jumped into the fray with a commitment of the traditional sort, one that wasn't committed to another school. Three Star offensive lineman J.D. Hamilton pledged to the Bulldogs quietly on Monday amidst the chaos that was the SEC West recruiting.

The biggest fish in the pond (literally) is still out there in the South's #1 prospect Andre Smith. Can anything he does top the wild Monday?

Isn't recruiting fun?

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