Going Against Grain bakes tasty GBW loaf

It's been a great year, an exciting year, a fun year. GoBlueWolverine went against the world-grain time and time again and, this year, were accurate every time. Looking back ...

Jonas Mouton: As late as Signing Day morning (yesterday) the ESPN 'expert' was saying it was USC and Texas and that U-M was out ... a prominent MW guru had been saying the same thing for over a week .... GBW had it OVER 50% for U-M for over a month, and we stuck to our guns.

Steve Schilling: All the anaylsts (including our own network in this case) inststed that he'd not leave the West Coast ... GBW stuck to the 'sunny side' of 50-percent for the past several weeks before rising to over 50-percent 48-hours prior to his Friday commit.

Jai Eugene: We know, we know -- talking about Army Week here ... the whole world said he was going to announce for LSU, even the morning of the game, and were shocked when he put on a U-M hat ... GBW rose to 50-percent+ on Monday afternoon, five days before his announcement, and stayed there.

Of course on the 3-4-5 days leading up to Signing Day, GBW kept accurate percentages for you on Adam Patterson and Jason Kates ... as well as the kids U-M did not land.

We think we batted 1.000 this year, didn't we? Can't say we'll always be able to do that, but we should be close. Getting out on the road and geting to know these kids (we had seen 16 of U-M's 20-member class in person) means we get info when things get 'hot' that others (and we mean nationally now) simply don't.

We hope you feel you're getting your money's work with GBW -- if you do, PLEASE pass the word ... the way we do this is expensive!

At GBW we put our names on our info in order to stand behind it -- and you can email Tom, Don and Sam at our inboxes.

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