Signing Day Presser: Tidbits Not to Miss

Most of Coach Carr's Signing Day press conference was spent talking about each player in the 2006 Michigan recruiting class. But there were a few other interesting tidbits as well.

Coach Carr on the class as a whole:

"For those of you who are here five years from now, you'll see that it's one of the better classes we've had."

Coach Carr on who may get the opportunity to play as a freshman:

"The safeties, Steve Brown and Jonas Mouton, they both have a great chance to factor in."

"And kids that are enrolled and will be here for spring - Justin Boren, and Carlos Brown. Spring ball gives them an edge over the other freshman. But Brandon Minor is another possibility at running back - he's an outstanding ball carrier."

Carr on if particular players are good at helping with recruiting:

"They're all good. I hate to single anybody out. But Mike Hart, because of his personality .. he's a fun guy, he wants to meet everybody ... but all of them do, they want other good kids here."

Carr on the new recruiting center:

"With so many more unofficial visits now, both for fall games and some come in to watch basketball games their junior year as well. We want them to meet the players."

"So the recruiting center is here are the stadium, and it makes recruiting seemless. We can bring kid and parents in there after a game, and they can have a comfortable seat (instead of having to stand in the Crisler tunnel like before)."

"It helps create an overall environment, so it's a positive. In the overall impression that we want a guy to have here, it's a positive."

Carr on looking forward to the NEXT recruiting class:

"Next year is a very good year in the state of Michigan, so we start here."

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