Signing Day Capsule: Jonas Mouton's recruiting profile for Jonas Mouton of Venice, Calif., High School. ***Video Included***

Jonas Mouton
Venice, Calif., High School
6-foot-2, 210-pounds
NR: *****
Position Rank: No. 6 Player Video
All-American Highlights
Jonas Mouton highlights 11/20/05
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His Recruiting Story first met Mouton at a Venice spring practice session. Since the football field at Venice was being replaced, and the baseball team was using the only other field available, all the football players could do was run. After their run, Jonas was more than happy to talk, and talk he did. He said he really liked Michigan, and especially enjoyed talking with Wolverine defensive backs coach Ron English - his recruiter. He had never set foot in the state, but after our first conversation it was apparent that Michigan was at or near the top of his list of favorites. As a junior he recorded 87 tackles, five interceptions, and three sacks. On the offensive side, where he played wide receiver, he has 30 receptions for 620 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also had 40 rushes for 375 yards.

Mouton chose Michigan for his second official visit on Sept. 10 - the Notre Dame game. He visited Nebraska the week prior, and the Cornhuskers appeared to be a legitimate suitor for the top prospect. However, his Michigan visit moved the Wolverines even higher on his list. One advantage was the friendships he had developed with Michigan freshmen Chris Richards, Johnny Sears, and Eugene Germany - all players from California. He told the Michigan staff he would decide a couple of weeks after he returned from Ann Arbor. However, his decision was postponed.

Eventually, the top schools for Mouton were USC, Nebraska, Michgian, and LSU. USC and LSU held the allure of recent success, plus closeness to family - Mouton's father lives in Louisiana. However, Nebraska was dropped rather quickly, and it appeared to be a battle between the remaining three schools.

As often happens in recruiting, the rumors began to fly. One week he was going to Michigan, the next it was USC, then it was back to Michigan, and so forth. The talented young man visited his four favorites, the announced that he was done with his trips. However, shortly after the football season concluded with Texas defeating USC in the Bowl Championship Series final on Jan. 4 in the Rose Bowl, the Longhorns jumped into the mix, and Mouton promptly took his last official visit, to Austin. With his mom being a UT graduate, and the resurgence of the Texas program, they became a legitimate contestant. Shortly after Mouton returned from UT, he dropped LSU.

In the end, he stayed with the team that had been his favorite all along. He sent in his signed Letter of Intent on the morning of Feb. 1. Commentary
When GBW was able to see Mouton in action during his senior season, he showed why he was one of the top safety prospects in the country. He is big and fast, and has great acceleration. He hits hard and has a good nose for the ball. His speed is deceptive in that he doesn't appear to be putting much effort into running, yet he gets to the ball in a hurry.

His size and speed are his advantage. Some believe he will eventually move to linebacker, but that isn't the goal. He wishes to remain at the safety spot, and right now that looks to be where he will play at Michigan.

During the U.S. Army All-American Bowl game practices, GBW was able to watch him against the best, and he lived up to expectations. The players he faced did not intimidate him and while he was not happy with his personal performance in the game, he was able to show off his talents.

He was also named to the USA Today All-American team.

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