Pa.'s Steve Paskorz Gets H-Back Offer

Bettis made a mistake not coming to Michigan of course (a joke, folks) -- but other than that he is a great model for a certain Pennsylvania H-Back with a Michigan schiolarship offer -- a guy who has been to the Big House three times now. GoBlueWolverine spoke to him Sunday night as he was enjoying the Steelers' Super Bowl victory celebration.

GoBlueWolverine made a Sunday night call to the Pittsburgh home of junior H-Back/linebacker Steve Paskorz, as the Steelers' Super Bowl victory celebration was wrapping up.

"We're celebrating around here. I'm a huge Steelers fan -- Jerome Bettis is my favorite Steeler."

Jerome Bettis - the perfect Super Bowl poster boy, playing for the Steelers and hailing from Detroit (MacKenzie High School ... he did make a detour to Notre Dame for college). And big-back Paskorz has fashioned some Southeast Michigan ties as well.

"Yes, I went to the Michigan Junior Day," Paskorz told GoBlueWolverine. "My mom and dad and I made the trip."

"All three of us were in Coach Carr's office when he offered me the scholarship -- it was great."

And that wasn't his first trip to visit U-M.

"I attended the Notre Dame game last September. I didn't go to the Michigan Camp last summer, but I did go to the Michigan Open House at the end of July. My parents went with me each time."

And what position does Michigan want the 6-foot-2, 225-pounder to play?

"H-Back." (Ed. Note: H-Back is a hybrid fullback/tight end position ... think Aaron Shea, perhaps B.J. Askew).

"I play tailback and outside linebacker for my high school team. Last year I had ( ... 'Mom, what were my stats again?' ... and she called back the numbers to him ...) 1,291 yards on 160 carries, and 14 touchdowns."

Who else has offered you besides Michigan?

"I also have offers from Pitt, West Virginia, and Virginia."

Do you have any other Junior Day plans?

"I've been to a Notre Dame Junior Day (they had him as a linebacker), and I'm going to one at Pitt, and I think at Virginia."

"I'll to go the Penn State Nike Combine, and to the Scout All-American Combine. As as as team summer camps that I might go to, I haven't thought about that one yet."

Do you have a top three, or four, or five?

"No, it's too early for that. But Michigan is definitely one of the top ones."

Paskorz was named to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "Fab 22" team. And he was named first team Class AAA Associated Press All-State. As a sophomore he rushed for 2,287 yards.

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