GBW Road Trip: Patrick Beverley - Part Two

GoBlueWolverine recently made the trek to the Windy City to check out the top remaining prospect on Michigan's class of 2006 board, Chicago Marshall combo-guard Patrick Beverley. In part two of our feature on the talented prospect, Marshall head coach Lamont Bryant breaks down his star pupil's game, the significant factors in his recruitment, and much more.

For those that missed part one of our feature on Patrick Beverley, click here.

Q: Why did Patrick fly below the radar for so long? Is this a situation where he has just started to play better as a senior?

A: "It's because he didn't play AAU. He led the Adidas camp in assists going into his junior year. He put up big numbers last year, but the media didn't do what they needed to do."

Q: Did you ever wonder if the appropriate recognition would come his way?

A: "I know basketball. I've been doing this for a long time. I knew we were going to be good, but I didn't know we were going to be this damn good. I told him that it was going to get crazy once the season started. People don't realize that we flew down to Philadelphia to the And-One tournament the last two years and we beat some great teams just to get there. We won a lot of spring leagues and summer leagues. We've been beating folks. I guess other people thought it was a fluke we knew we was going to be pretty good. By us doing well, I knew he was eventually going to get his."

Q: How does Patrick compare to some of the other top players you've coached?

A: "He's right there. He can score and then he can play defense. He can lock you down defensively. He could play seven eight quarters if you let him. The kid just plays hard, man. I had some great teams when I was at Whitney Young. I hate to even compare him to those guys. I think Patrick plays a little bit harder, but I had some great kids there. Ronald Howard, Chris Hill, Marcus White, Dwayne Curtis. All of those guys are playing big time basketball, and not at no punk schools either. It's really hard for me to compare them. I will say that this kid has taken it to the promise land a little bit easier than those other guys. You have to realize, we've only lost one game. Back with those Whitney Young teams, we were good, but we lost some games. Plus those Whitney Young teams were senior oriented. I had five seniors. You couldn't really tell who the leader was for that senior team. Here, Patrick is the senior and is the leader. The rest of the kids are sophomores and role players."

Q: There was an interesting point in the game versus Crane where your team got three straight techs, one of which went to Patrick. What happened?

A: "They were trying to take the game from us. That's what was happening. One of my young kids blocked Sherron Collins' shot and he did a little taunting. Then Patrick came in to push the kid back and Sherron came at Patrick…and they give Patrick a tech?! I'm thinking to myself he's retreating and trying to get his own teammate in check. He was moving his own teammate back. So we had a tautening tech, then Patrick Beverley got a tech, and then I get a tech because the refs were stuck on stupid."

Q: As far as recruiting goes, where do things stand?

A: "Well, we eliminated Illinois. We've narrowed it down to four schools."

Q: You mentioned that list of schools previously as Michigan, Indiana, St. John's, and Virginia. What is your relationship like with the coaches of those programs?

A: "I know them all very well. They're all stand up guys. They're all polished guys. I respect those guys and they respect me. He can't go wrong with any of those four schools that he is going to visit. He can just pull any one of the four out of a bucket and be successful because you've got four stand-up respectable college coaches. Those guys are going to watch over him and kind of be a father figure, and that's what he needs. Plus at all four schools he'll going to get a good education and he'll get a chance to play. I know if he is not doing what he's supposed to, they'll call me. I'll take a flight down there."

Q: You talked about playing time. Is Patrick looking at the depth at his position at each of the schools as well as who they're recruiting?

A: "All of them have pretty much said the same thing. Patrick will have the chance to play. . I don't want nobody to tell me they are going to promise him anything because that's not right. I've got a big time program and I'm not promising these kids nothing. That man has got to go down there and earn time. I hate when someone comes to me like that. I tell them, 'your son is going to play if he is one of the best five that day.' I don't play that. I don't want them to promise him nothing. Just give him an opportunity. That's all we want, and that's what these schools have said he'd have. Let him earn his time. If he is out there messing up, then he is not supposed to be out there. You've got to realize that nowadays in college you are going to have three guys playing the same position and they can still be prosperous. You don't have to wait for only the one point guard because when you have more than one it takes some of the pressure off of you. In college, the way they're playing, one kid can't play a whole game. Plus guards are dominating college basketball. A lot of these teams are playing three point guards, or playing two point guards and a combo, so there is enough time at all of these schools for him to be able to blossom. And to be honest, I really don't care where this kid goes because if he does stuff right, they're going to have to play him. Wherever he goes, he's going to bring a different flavor and he is just going to get better and better. I don't care if they've got five guards there; the kid is going to play because he is going to out-hustle you. He will absolutely out-hustle you. I don't care who it is! He has been proving it all year."

Q: Patrick's mom told us that he won't start taking his visits until after the season is over. When do you think that might be?

A: "We don't plan on losing anymore games, so there won't be any visits until April. It's very important for him to keep his grades up and he can't miss none of my practices. You can't even be late for my practices! Recruiting is secondary right now. The main thing basketball-wise is for him to do what we need him to do so we can win city and state this year. Then we'll get into all that. Those coaches have got to be patient."

Q: Who are going to be the parties that he consults with when he sits down to make his decision?

A: "His mom and my coaching staff. There's nobody else that is going to be involved. It will be mainly myself and his mom."

Stay tuned for part three of our feature, which is set to appear in the coming days.

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