Pushing Reset Button: All GBW Jr. Stories

GoBlueWolverine has chatted with Ryan Mallett again. And here are ALL GBW junior stories thus far, over the winter and this past fall and summer.

Regarding the latest on Texarcana, Texas QB Ryan Mallett: Mallett told us briefly over the weekend that, "I am averaging 12 points a game," as starting point guard (for the 3rd straight season) for Texarcana, and that, "We won our 20th game Friday, against Paris. We're 20 and 9 now."

Here are GoBlueWolverine stories on Mallett:
Mallett: mid-Jan. update.
Jan. 10: Mallett plays before Carr, Loeffler (photos).
Jan 7: GBW at Mallett Hoops Game (photos).
Dec. 24: GBW gets Mallett follows recruiting.
Dec. 15: GBW: Michigan scouts Mallett.
Nov. 25: Mallett tells GBW he's following Michigan.
Aug. 1: GBW scouts Mallett at Elite 11.
June 20: GBW on Mallett at U-M Camp.

GoBlueWolverine stories on: Chicago Running Back Robert Hughes
Hughes Post Junior Day.
Hughes at Army Combine.

Washington DC quarterback Pete Lalich:
Lalich at Army Combine.

Detroit Defensive Tackle Joseph Barksdale
Barkedale at Junior Day.
Barksdale at Army Combine - Part 2.
Barksdale at Army Combine - Part 1.

Orchard Lake St. Mary's CB Dionte Allen
Allen at Junior Day.
Allen:late Nov. report.
Allen:late Oct. report.
Allen: late Oct. scouting report.
Allen:July post-Camp report.
Allen:Oct. 04 Junior report.

Muskegon, Mich., DB Ronald Johnson
Johnson at Junior Day.
Johnson:late Dec. report.
Johnson: Sept. knee surgery report.
Johnson: July post-Camp report.

Lancaster Pa. QB Pat Bostick
Bostick at Army Combine.

Brimingham, Mich., Brother Rice LB Chris Colasanti and OL Darris Sawtelle
Colasanti and Sawtelle: Oct. GBW Scouting Report/Interview.

Ft. Lauderdale Florida WR Leonard Hankerson
Hankerson at Junior Day.

Cincinnati offensive lineman Mark Weterer
Weterer at Army Combine.

Fresno Calif. CB Courtney Viney
Viney at Army Combine.
Viney Army Combine scouting report.

Juniors At The 2005 Michigan Summer Camp

-- Future Top 100 prospect, QB Ryan Mallett (6-6, 235) from Texarkana, Texas. Perhaps the #1 junior in the country. U-M scouted him the Nov. 3 open weekend.

-- Future Top 100 prospect, QB Chris Forcier (6-2, 180) from San Diego St. Augustine. He and his younger brother Tate attended.

-- Future Top 100 prospect, QB Keith Nichol (6-2, 180) from Lowell, Michigan.

-- FB Henry Hynoski 6'1 245 Catawissa Southern Columbia Pennsylvania. he was there with his teammate OL Josh Marks.

-- Future Top 100 prospect, LM Joshua Oglesby (6-7, 320) from Saint Francis, Wisconsin.

-- Future Top 100 prospect OL Josh Marks 6'5 300 Catawissa Southern Columbia Pennsylvania. he was there with his teammate FB Henry Hynoski.

-- Future Top 100 prospect, WR J.R. Hemmingway (6-2 1/2 190) from Conway, South Carolina.

-- Future Top 100 prospect, DB Eugene Clifford 6-3, 210) from Cincinnati, Ohio, Colerain.

-- Future Top 100 prospect, DB Ronald Johnson (6-0, 190) from Muskegon, Mich.

-- Future Top 100 prospect, CB Dionte Allen (6-0, 170) from Orchard Lake St. Mary's, Michigan.

-- Top 10 instate junior, WR Taurian Washington (6-0, 175) from Orchard Lake St. Mary's, Michigan.

-- Top 10 instate junior, OL/DL Joseph Barksdale (6-4, 310) from Detroit Cass Tech. He is a 2-time U-M Camper.

-- Safety Sidney Glover (6-0, 205) from Warren, Ohio, Harding.

-- Top 10 Ill. junior DE/OL Mike Garrity (6-3, 275) from Batavia, Illinois.

-- Ohio TE Kyle Hubbard (6-3, 225) Lakewood St. Edward... he ran a 4.6 at camp.

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