20 Questions With Brandon Kaleniecki

GoBlueWolverine Magazine continues its Q&A sessions with members of the 2005-06 University of Michigan ice hockey team. This week, GoBlueWolverine Magazine caught up with alternate captain Brandon Kaleniecki.

It's been a great three years for Brandon Kaleniecki. Since arriving at Michigan as a freshman, he's experience almost everything. One of the top scorers as a freshman, Kaleniecki helped guide the Wolverines to their most recent appearance in the NCAA Frozen Four. Now, as a senior, the alternate captain is attempting to do the same thing as he helps lead Michigan into the postseason in 2006. GoBlueWolverine Magazine recently sat down to chat with Brandon.

GBW: What is your full name?
Brandon: Brandon Gerard Kaleniecki

GBW: Do you have any siblings?
Brandon: I've got two brothers. Aaron is 28 and Nick is 26.

GBW: What is your major?
Brandon: Sports Management

GBW: What has been your favorite class at Michigan?
Brandon: Business Law

GBW: Do you have any roommates?
Brandon: Yeah, I live with Andrew Ebbett, Noah Ruden, Reilly Olson and Adam Dunlap.

GBW: Who is your favorite professional player?
Brandon: Steve Yzerman

GBW: What is your favorite NHL team?
Brandon: Detroit Red Wings.

GBW: What is your first Michigan memory?
Brandon: It would have to be way back when I was only four or five. I remember at home watching those Michigan vs. Notre Dame football games on TV.

GBW: What is your favorite Michigan memory as a player?
Brandon: It's a tough one. I would say it's any of our CCHA titles or when we won the regional here at Yost my freshman year.

GBW: Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
Brandon: I don't really have much. I just make sure that I always have my sticks in the same spot.

GBW: What is your favorite arena to play in other Than Yost?
Brandon: I like Lawson Ice Arena (Western Michigan).

GBW: What is your favorite food?
Brandon: Steak

GBW: What is your favorite movie?
Brandon: Rocky

GBW: What is your favorite band?
Brandon: Lynard Skynard

GBW: What is your favorite holiday?
Brandon: Christmas

GBW: What is your most embarrassing moment on and off the ice?
Brandon: I don't think you'll get much out of me on this one. I guess for on the ice it would be when I put the puck into my own net. I was in front of the net trying to get my stick on the puck and I sent it right over our goalie and into the net. I don't think he was too happy with me on that one. Off the ice is tough. I was taking an exam one time and when I was finished I walked to the front of the class to turn it in. I leaned over to put the exam on the desk without knowing my book bag was open and everything flew out onto the floor. An entire class was looking at me.

GBW: What is your favorite video game?
Brandon: NHL 2006

GBW: What is your biggest fear?
Brandon: Failure.

GBW: What kind of car do you drive?
Brandon: I've got a 2005 Trailblazer

GBW: Maize or Blue?
Brandon: Maize

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