20 Questions With Icer Tim Cook

GoBlueWolverine Magazine continues its question and answer segment with members of the 2005-06 University of Michigan hockey team. Today we sit down with Tim Cook, a junior defenseman on the Wolverines roster. Cook recently recorded his first career goal in a 6-1 win over Bowling Green State University.

As one of seven upperclassmen on the 2005-06 University of Michigan hockey team, the play of Tim Cook has been vital to the Wolverines success. A native of New Jersey, Cook has been paired with many of the Wolverines other defenseman this year, and in recent weeks has seen his plus/minus rating improve dramatically. GoBlueWolverine Magazine recently sat down with Tim Cook.

GBW: What is your full name?
Tim: Timothy Conley Cook

GBW: Do you have any siblings?
Tim: I've got two siblings. I've got an older sister named Blake (26) and an older brother named Bryan (29).

GBW: What is your major?
Tim: History

GBW: What has been your favorite class at Michigan?
Tim: I liked History of the Vietnam War.

GBW: Do you have any roommates?
Tim: I live with Jason Dest, David Rohlfs, Kevin Porter, Mike Mayhew and Chad Kolarik.

GBW: Who is your favorite professional player?
Tim: Chris Pronger (Edmonton Oilers)

GBW: What is your favorite NHL team?
Tim: I like the New Jersey Devils.

GBW: What is your first Michigan memory?
Tim: I really didn't have any when I was growing up. I'm from New Jersey so I didn't really hear too much about Michigan until I got here.

GBW: What is your favorite Michigan memory as a player?
Tim: It's winning the CCHA tournament championship last season.

GBW: Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
Tim: I'm not too superstitious. I just want to be prepared with film. I guess I try and eat the same thing and get to the arena around the same time.

GBW: What is your favorite arena to play in other Than Yost?
Tim: I like Mimai of Ohio. All of the fans there are crazy.

GBW: What is your favorite food?
Tim: Spaghetti

GBW: What is your favorite movie?
Tim: Wedding Crashers

GBW: What is your favorite band?
Tim: 2Pac

GBW: What is your favorite holiday?
Tim: Christmas

GBW: What is your most embarrassing moment on and off the ice?
Tim: Wow, that's a tough one. I put the puck into my own net once and that's always embarrassing. Off the ice, when I was in kindergarten someone came up behind me and pulled my pants down. I had Scooby-Doo underwear on and they made fun of me pretty badly.

GBW: What is your favorite video game?
Tim: Grand Theft Auto

GBW: What is your biggest fear?
Tim: Failure.

GBW: What kind of car do you drive?
Tim: I've got a 1996 Saturn

GBW: Maize or Blue?
Tim: Blue

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