'05 Camper, S.C. WR Kenneth Hemingway

At the 2005 Michigan Summer Camp there were two 'bookend' receivers -- both 6-2, 200+, strong, with great hands. At times it was hard to tell one from the other on the field. One was U-M signee Greg Mathews. The other: S.C. Junior Kenneth Hemingway. "J.R." got a U-M offer, and as his coach told GBW, "A big time offer like Michigan's, that attracts more attention than a combine performance ..."

GoBlueWolverine talked to Head Coach Chuck Jordan of Conway, South Carolina, High School about his star receiver J.R. Hemingway.

Why did Kenneth go all the way up to the Michigan Camp last summer?

"I don't know really -- Michigan is a long ways from here! ... I think a level of interest is there."

"He and his dad picked out two camps to go to last summer, USC (South Carolina), and Michigan."

Are those his two favorite schools?

"Well, he did pick those two schools for camps ... but I don't know that he has any favorites."

"He has offers now from Michigan, Clemson, South Carolilna, North Carolina, and Maryland, .... Texas, Florida and Nebraska just requested tape on him and I just sent that out. So he'll be getting more offers soon."

Do you think with Coach Spurrier at South Carolina now, and with Conway just sending a kid there (RB Bobby Wallace), that the Gamecoccks have the edge for him?

"Well, naturally Spurrier has somewhat of an edge just by being the home school. But we have Conway kids at Virginia Tech and Oklahoma as well. I think Junior is going to make up his own mind."

Why "J.R."?

"His name is Kenneth, which is his dad's name as well. So he has always been called "Junior," and then "J.R." has come from that."

What are Kenneth's strengths as a player?

"The first thing I'd have to say is his leaping ability. And he's got great hands -- maybe that's his greatest asset. And he's very strong. He's 6-2 1/2, 205 pounds, and he jumps very well. At the Michigan camp he ran a 4.58 second 40, electronically timed."

Is he going to go to any spring combines?

"I don't know, because he's got a lot of offers. Frankly, having a Michigan offer -- a big time offer like Michigan's, that attracts more attention than any combine performance."

What about summer camps?

"Last year he and his dad decided on that ... what he'll do this point ... I don't know, but do we run a good passing camp right here in the summer, and he's got some responsibilities there."

Can you talk about a timetable for him?

"I don't think he'll make an early decision .. this spring he'll try to narrow it to five, and he'll try to go from there."

"They haven't even started taking phone calls yet; right now juniors can call the schools but not visa versa."

"This kid is going to get recruited on a national level, and that just is not a fast process."

"These kids get to know coaches well from all over the country, and then it's not fun in the end saying no to them ... so they delay it as long as they can."

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