Waco Combine: Chiles the Real-QB-Deal

Don't call John Chiles an "athlete'. He's a cannon-armed quarterback with a blazing 40-time to boot. And he's GoBlueWolverine's Waco Scout.com Combine MVP.

This Saturday was Scout.com's second spring combine of the year -- the Waco Texas combine at the Baylor University stadium.

GoBlueWolverine loves to go to the Texas combines just to enjoy the 'view'-- the Texas high school football talent level sets the standard in both 'heighth' and 'breadth' -- there are simply more top level kids in Texas than anywhere else.

As was the case last week at the Pitt Combine, there was once again a clear Combine MVP in GoBlueWolverine's view -- this time it was quarterback John Chiles from Summit High School in Mansfield (Dallas area).

In case there were any doubts -- this kid is not an 'athlete' (meaning a future WR or DB), he's a QUARTERBACK. True, he ran an excellent 4.37 second 40 yard dash on Baylor's slow fieldturf field (there were only about a half-dozen or fewer sub-4.5's). And at 6-2 1/2, 210 pounds he looked like he could play any 'skill position' on the field. But -- make no mistake -- this kid is a 5-star quarterback.

He has an absolute cannon for an arm -- the strongest combine-arm we've seen this year (out of the U.S. Army, Pitt and Waco Combines), and the second-strongest we're seen overall in the junior class so far (and we've seen over 50% of the top dozen junior QB's now). He threw rockets -- only the best-and-strongest of the wideouts, tight ends and running backs at the combine could handle his laser beams, which were right on the money but blistering! And he made the deep throws with ease and touch. He also showed a beautiful, picture-perfect throwing form.

GBW spoke at some length with John's father during the day. Here are some of the things he told us:

"Jon likes Texas, LSU and Miami -- but Texas leads."

"We were at Texas for an unofficial visit this past Saturday, and Texas definitely leads for John."

"He's a Texas-style quarterback -- he can run as well as throw. But for those who have thought that Jon was an 'athlete' who would end up at receiver in college -- we came to this combine today to show everyone that Jon has a great arm. His arm has kind've been our little secret -- but today it has been unveiled!"

"When I was Joh's age I could throw it from end zone to end zone," said John's 6-foot-5 dad. "And so can John. And ... he's growing fast and should end up as tall as I am."

"Our family has been talking about when a decision will be announced by John -- it won't be too long."

"This will be our one and only spring combine."

Bottom line -- John Chiles is easily one of the State of Texas' Top half-dozen juniors and, in GBW's opinion, a 5-star QB ... it is also our opinion that we will be seeing him in the U.S. Army All-American game next January.

GBW's player comparison -- Chiles is a more polished and faster Ryan Perrilloux (Perrilloux was in the Army game two years ago). Chiles reminds us of U-M's Antonio Bass to look at him, although Chiles is a little taller and has a LOT better arm.

He's the real deal and 'the next Texas-style quarterback' ... Chiles does not look like a 'dancer' like Vincent Young, but he is just as fast and has a much better arm (at the same stage).

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