Mini-Mallett Update: a No-change, a Change

With the commitment of a big time run-pass quarterback to Texas, has the UM-UT competition for Ryan Mallett changed? No ... and maybe.

With the commitment of 5-star run-pass QB John Chiles to Texas over the weekend, GoBlueWolverine got a reaction from Texarkana QB Ryan Mallett.

So how does John Chiles committing to UT (Texas) affect your decision overall?

"It doesn't."

Why not?

"He won't be a quarterback at Texas."

How do you know?

"I've been told that he will be playing either at wide receiver or defensive back."

Who told you that?

"Reliable sources."

So are you still coming to U of M's summer camp?

"I don't know, it depends -- if I make my decision before then ..."

I thought you were making a summer decision?

"I might not; it might be earlier."

So, the 'no-change': Mallett's interest in Michigan's competition for him, Texas.
The change: his decision may be moved up to this spring.

See GoBlueWolverine's interview with Chiles today, for his 'take' on the matter. And for GBW's scouting report on Chiles dominating QB performance the Waco Combine, click HERE.

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