Beverley's UM Visit a Hit - Part One

In part one GoBlueWolverine's report Patrick Beverley's official visit to Michigan, we chat with Chicago Marshall Coach Lamont Bryant to discuss his star pupil's initial impressions of the Maize and Blue. He also reveals a change in Beverley's visit schedule.

It's been a hectic few days week in the life of Chicago Marshall combo guard Patrick Beverley. After leading his team to the State finals the weekend before last, he made his way to Ann Arbor Wednesday for an official visit. The busy schedule has left little time to speak with others about how things went in Ann Arbor, but his Coach, Lamont Bryant, was able to gain a little insight during a brief conversation.

"We didn't go into any details about anything," Bryant said. "It went really well down there. He really liked it. We didn't get a chance to talk because he got back here on Friday and I have not seen him. He's in class trying to make up the work he missed. I talked to him while he was there and he was very pleased. He just said he liked it. He said they were chanting his name and stuff like that. They really kept him busy down there. He said he really enjoyed it even though it wasn't a weekend visit where he could get around to the parties and stuff like that, so he had a really good visit."

When Bryant does get a chance to speak at length with Beverley, he will advise his star guard to stay as open as possible until he takes his remaining two trips. "I really just want him to go visit the three schools he's going to visit and then let him compare," Bryant explained. "He doesn't have anything to compare it with. Your first visit is always your big visit. Once he goes to St. John's and Arkansas, he'll have something to compare it to. But Michigan looks good. He really likes it."

With the trip to Michigan now out of the way, Beverley will take a break from his college tour and focus instead on school and preparing for the Roundball Classic. Following the All-Star event he will resume taking his visits…with one slight change. "We switched it around a little bit," Bryant said. "He's going to Arkansas the 13th and 14th and he's going to St. John's the 21st and 22nd. Then we'll sit down and talk when he gets back. We're going to try to get it over and done with. We aren't going to try to prolong it."

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