Beverley's UM Visit a Hit - Part Two

In part two GoBlueWolverine's report Patrick Beverley's official visit to Michigan, we chat with his mother about her impressions of the trip. She addresses the rumors of his academic status, discusses her son's interaction with Tommy Amaker, and more.

The winding road that is Patrick Beverley's recruitment has reached its most important juncture. Sometime in the next month or so the 6-2 175-pound combo-guard will decide which program he'll suit up for over the next four years of his life. After having made what he previously described as a hasty choice last year (when he committed to Toledo), he is careful not make the same mistake twice.

Prior to venturing out on his official visit to Ann Arbor last Wednesday, Beverley's mother made it clear to him that they would not commit on the visit this time around. Instead, they would return home, discuss things, and most likely take their remaining visits. Thus far they've stuck to that plan. That said, Tommy Amaker and the Wolverines certainly made that a very difficult proposition.

The Wolverines fifth year headman used the time he had with Beverley to make the youngster keenly aware of his importance to Michigan. That seemed to have had an indelible effect on the Windy City recruit. "T.A. informed him that he was needed and not just wanted, and that meant a lot to him." Ms. Beverley said. "By T.A. being a former point guard at Duke he would be able to teach Patrick a lot about the position. They had a lot of heart to heart talks and TA was basically telling him that they really need to fill that spot…to come in and take over."

Amaker wasn't the only one the Beverley's received one-on-one time with. They also sat down with a number of university officials, including some in the academic department that put to rest some longstanding rumors regarding his academic status.

"We met with a lot of people in the administration and admissions," Ms. Beverley recalled. "We met with the academic advisor Sue Shand. Patrick was really excited after talking to her because I had told him he wasn't qualified. I told him that he had a lot of work still left to do because I wanted him to finish up solid. I didn't want him to kind of breeze through once he figured out he was qualified. So when found out (that he was fully qualified), he was really excited about how that went."

When it came time to connect with the players, Beverley fit right in. The Wolverine that made sure that was the case was Daniel Horton. "Horton was his host so he really enjoyed him," said Ms. Beverley. "He hung out with him a lot. I think he said he hung out a little with Lester Abram too. He said he really liked the way he played… that he was a key part of Michigan and that he was one of the silent players but he did a lot. "

Getting the Beverley's on campus for a game combined with the personal attention they received from players, staff, and faculty clearly made for an extremely positive experience. When asked if the trip moved Michigan up in their eyes, Ms. Beverley did not hesitate to answer. "Oh very much so," she said. "This thing now is a formality of getting the rest of the visits over with. But he really walked away very impressed with Michigan. He didn't know where they stood as far he was concerned. He thought maybe they just wanted to pick up an extra player, but he was happy to learn that they actually need him in the program."

"Overall I think it was great," she continued. "He was informed how valuable a Michigan degree is and how it's something that he'll be able to take everywhere with him. I was impressed with the way they treated him. His whole thing with TA…he was just really excited about the conversations they had. He said he reminded him of his high school coach. That went well with him. I'm just looking forward to sitting down so we can pick a school and move on from there."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for word from Patrick himself in part 3.

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