Beverley's UM Visit a Hit - Part Three

In part three GoBlueWolverine's report Patrick Beverley's official visit to Michigan, we chat with the young man himself. He discusses his impressions of the atmosphere, his relationship with Amaker, and more. Do the Wolverines now lead?

The Michigan Wolverines quest to land Chicago Marshall star Patrick Beverley got a big boost last week when he made his way to Ann Arbor for his official visit. The Maize and Blue had previously made a positive impression of him thanks to the frequent attendance of the coaching staff at his games and the numerous conversations they'd had. Still, he had questions about the program that would only be answered by seeing it up close and personally. Much to his surprise, whatever uncertainties he had quickly began to dissipate on the very first day of his visit.

"I didn't know I was walking into this," Beverley said. "When I was at Toledo, that was a mid major and they gave me all they could offer. But the atmosphere there (at Michigan) was crazy. Going to the game and everything was just hot. I really enjoyed it."

Beverley's host during his time on campus was the undisputed leader of the team, Daniel Horton. The Wolverines' senior floor leader talked to his would-be successor about passing the torch and what it would take to be successful at Michigan.

"I was just asking him a lot of questions like how is Coach Amaker and are classes hard," recalled Beverley. "He just gave me some real info about things on and off the basketball court, and I appreciated it. He comes from the heart in everything he says and he's a leader, so I can relate to him."

As grateful as Beverley was to have hit it off so well with Horton, he was more concerned with the rapport he and Amaker would establish. He got his chance to size up Michigan's headman very early in the trip when the two sat down for a long conversation. The youngster sat across from Amaker peering at the 1987 defensive player of the year as if the two were preparing for a game of one-on-one. The back and forth between the two proved to be stimulating. So much so that when Amaker got up to leave thinking the conversation had come to a close, Beverley interjected, "wait a minute coach, I have more questions." When it was finally over, Beverley was taken aback by the connection he and Amaker had made.

"I didn't know Coach Amaker was that kind of an open person," Beverley said. "You see him on TV and you think he's real strict, but he's just a normal guy. He's cool, and that's what shocked me the most on the visit. I just really enjoyed (the conversation). I would say I got all of my questions answered. The overall thing about it was he was saying how some colleges want me to do this and want to that for them…but he was telling me at Michigan there's a need. He NEEDS me to do this. There's an opportunity to come in and play right away and that's what I want."

For Beverley, his probable role on next year's Michigan team was evident when he watched them play versus Miami. Intensity, passion, and tenacity are traits that he feels he could enhance on Amaker's ball club. "I noticed that a lot," he said. "I just think I was born to be a leader."

Speaking of leaders, when asked if the visit to Ann Arbor was enough to move the Wolverines to the top of his list, his answer was simple. "Yeah," said Beverley.

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Beverley in the coming weeks.

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